2023 QB/SS Khari Rennie earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 QB/SS Khari Rennie earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Quarterback/strong safety Khari Rennie is a rising star that’s emerging on the gridiron. The 5-foot-11, 180-pound athlete is recognized by Youth1 as a member of the esteemed 2019 Freshman450 list.

Rennie, who attends Bishop Moore Catholic in Orlando, FL, takes great pride in the achievement.

“It feels great to be nominated to Youth1’s Freshman450,” Rennie said. “I feel like my hard work is paying off and someone recognizes my game and I’m grateful for this opportunity.”

Rennie started out on JV and was moved up to varsity.

Rennie played 7 games (one start) and helped out at running back. Rennie was the leading rusher twice, against Jones High School,. the best team in the district and one of the best in the area and vs. South Sumter High School.

Rennie finished the varsity season with 147 yards on 35 carries (4.20 average).

In four JV games, Rennie played quarterback, running back and strong safety while leading the team in all-purpose yards, touchdowns and rushing yards.

Rennie has made significant strides on the field and intends to further develop his skill-set.

“My progress as a football player has been good. I'm not where I want to be but I’m grinding and working on my game. I have adjusted to the speed of the high school level. I’ve also made lots of progress with my mechanics as a QB,” Rennie said. “My arm has gotten stronger and my accuracy has gotten better. I’m more confident than ever before but there is still a lot of hard work to put into my game.”

Rennie lists the areas of his game that he wants to hone.

“I am working on my speed, getting stronger, more accuracy, reading defenses and coverages even better,” Rennie said. “I’m going to continue to work on speed and QB stuff and just making smarter decisions on the field.”

Rennie outlines what separates him as an athlete.

“Some of my strengths on the field are my football IQ, athleticism, leadership ability, my heart and love of the game, my ability to throw and run the football on offense,” Rennie said. “On defense, my ability to come down hill and lay that wood and my ball skills.”

Rennie is extremely passionate about playing quarterback. It’s a responsibility that he relishes.

“As a quarterback I love being a leader on the field,” Rennie said. “I really enjoy everything about the position. I love driving the ball downfield, throwing dimes and destroying defenses.”

Rennie shares the three aspects of football which he enjoys the most.

“My favorite part of playing football is the brotherhood, competing and hitting,” Rennie said.

Rennie shares the pro players that he admires and patterns his mindset after.

“I just don’t have one player I look up to. I have a few. Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Marshawn Lynch (even though he’s retired), Ezekiel Elliot and Lamar Jackson,” Rennie said. “I look up to them because of their play on the field and the hard work they put in. Also, how they carry themselves and things like that.”

Rennie will participate in spring ball and attend camps next summer.

“I want to go to a few college camps but I don’t know right now which ones. I also definitely want to go back to the NFA Football Quarterback Academy for QBs,” Rennie said. “I loved it there and learned the most about my position from Coach Slack and especially his son.”

Rennie is inspired to let the Freshman450 honor springboard him to future success.

“It says that even though I have more work to do, that I’m on the right path and going in the right direction,” Rennie said. “From Youth1 Freshman450 to High School All-American, that’s my goal.”


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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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