2023 QB Blake Murphy earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 QB Blake Murphy earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

Blake Murphy prides himself on being humble, but his game is definitely speaking for itself. The 5-foot-11, 169-pound quarterback out of Plantation, FL’s American Heritage is selected to the 2019 Youth1 Freshman450.

The accolade means plenty to Murphy, as he continues to grind on his gridiron path. The Freshman450 selection serves as a testament to the tireless work Murphy’s put in behind the scenes.

“It feels great and I’m honored to be mentioned and noticed by people,” Murphy said.

Being selected to the Freshman450 is validating to Murphy that he’s on the right track.

“It says that I am getting way better as a person and player and I’m achieving the goals I set a long time ago,” Murphy said.

The modest Murphy, who has been offered by Southern Mississippi, describes the strong points of his game.

“My strengths are my arm because I have a strong arm and also running and making completions,” Murphy said. “I try my best to be a dual-threat on the field because that makes it harder for the defense.”

Murphy is encouraged by the constant strides he’s been making as of late.

“I feel I get better every week after practice,” Murphy said. “I am doing better at throwing and rushing for touchdowns. My confidence level is growing each day and I just want to continue to make improvements.”

Murphy effusively praises his team for guiding him and providing a strong support system.

“I feel I am progressing a lot because I have a great QB ahead of me in Edwin Rhodes. He has taught me a lot and how to move and read in the pocket,” Murphy said. “Also my coaching staff has done a great job with teaching me the game too.”

Murphy gives a shout out to his trainer Oliver Bozeman IV for his assistance as well.

“I go to QB training and get better every time I go,” Murphy said. “It has helped me a lot. He has taught me so much about fundamentals and proper technique.”

Murphy shares what he relishes the most about playing football. Murphy loves to line up alongside his friends and make lasting memories.

“Having fun is my favorite part about football and also competing,” Murphy said. “There’s nothing better than competing with your teammates and winning games.”

Murphy explains why he admires these two outstanding pro quarterbacks. Murphy wants to mirror their capabilities.  

“I look up to Lamar Jackson because he was always doubted and now is showing them who he is,” Murphy said. “Also, Aaron Rodgers because of how smart he is in the game and plays well. Both of those guys are great competitors and I try to bring parts of their game into mine on the field.”

Murphy is driven to reach his potential and will relentlessly strive for greatness.

“I’m working on reading and understanding what’s going on more,” Murphy said. “I am going to work on being more aware of my surroundings and growing my knowledge of the game.”



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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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