2023 OL/DL Aaron Fenimore is gearing up for the Elite Middle School All-Star Game | Youth1

2023 OL/DL Aaron Fenimore is gearing up for the Elite Middle School All-Star Game

Elite Sports Camps & Combines is set to host their 5th Annual Elite Middle School All-Star Game on November 25th. This event will host some of the nation's top talents, who gather together ready to compete at a high level.

Among the talented athletes selected to attend the All-Star Game is 2023 OL/DL Aaron Fenimore.

"First off, it’s humbling to be selected to play on such a big stage for the second year in a row," Fenimore said.

"I will always remember this experience because it will be my second chance to play and compete against some of the best players in the country. I look forward to seeing players and coaches that I meet last year," he added.

Standing at 5'8” 182 lbs., Fenimore is a bruising lineman that's plays through the whistle on every down. He's very physical and knows how to use his strength to his advantage. On offense, Fenimore typically plays Guard, where he specializes at creating running lanes for his running back. He's a standout on the line, as he often pancakes his opposition. He takes real pride in protecting his quarterback.

On defense, the Senoia, GA native plays a variety of positions. His versatility allows him to make an impact from almost every position on the D-line. He has quick instincts that allow him to diagnose plays in an instant. Run the ball his direction and he'll likely spoil the play in the backfield. He's a superb form tackler as well.

Over the course of his young playing career, Fenimore has received countless accolades for his impressive abilities on the field. He's been named Lineman of the Year 2015 and 2016, Team Captain 2015 and 2016, North West Georgia Youth Football League Super Bowl MVP 2016, Elite Middle School All-Star Game 2016 and 2017, to name just a few.

As he continues to progress, Fenimore continues to model his game after some of the NFL's elite linemen.

"Mike Kenn when on offense and JJ Watt on defense," Fenimore said.

"They both have incredible work habits and are some of the best at the game."

With the 5th Annual Elite Middle School All-Star Game coming up on November 25th, select athletes like 2023 OL/DL Aaron Fenimore are excited for the opportunity to showcase their skills.

“To have fun and learn as much as I can. I want to enjoy the experience of playing with the talented players at this level," Fenimore said of his goals of the All-Star Game.

"Making long term friends and competing with them year after year and to improve my game by learning from coaches I normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to train with."

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