2023 LB Elijah Fields earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450 | Youth1

2023 LB Elijah Fields earns spot on Youth1's Freshman450

For his outstanding efforts, Legacy The School of Sports Science athlete Elijah Fields has earned a spot on the 2019 Youth1 Freshman450. The 6-foot, 210-pound Fields is a defensive end/linebacker hailing from the Houston, Texas area.

Fields takes great pride in being a member of the exclusive group.

“It’s an honor to know that I’m on the right path to go to college and this is the start of something special for me and my family,” Fields said. “I am really blessed and I owe it all to God.”

The accolade is validation of Fields’ tireless effort.

“It means that I’m one of the best that’s doing it in the Class of 2023,” Fields said. “And it’s letting me know that all the hard work I put in during the offseason, I’m finally being recognized for it.”

Fields lists other recent accomplishments that he’s proud of.

“Making varsity as a freshman and forcing three turnovers in the first four games,” Fields said. “I have been A-Reel  Player of the Month, CCE 2023 Top Defensive End and selected to play for Team USA in their game vs. Team Mexico.”

Fields absolutely relishes and lives for the opportunity to play defense.

“When I get to hit, it is just something about that feeling,” Fields said. “And I love pursuing to the ball to force a turnover.”

Fields is a football junkie that gives it his all whenever he’s on the gridiron.

“I love stepping on the field under the lights and going hard every step of the way,” Fields said.

Fields credits his coaches for all of their assistance in his development.

“Being more coachable and learning the position more as a high school player,” Fields said. “Also being able to work with coaches that played college ball who are showing me the ropes on how to become a great football player on and off the field.”

Fields explains how he uses his stature to his benefit.

“My strength is just being quicker than most linemen and smaller so it’s harder to block me,” Fields said.

That’s why Fields patterns his game after this smaller, standout lineman.

“I look up to Aaron Donald because he’s only 6-feet and he’s smaller than most D-linemen and he’s quick,” Fields said. “So I study everything he does and model myself after him.”

Fields shares his upcoming itinerary and how he intends to make a name for himself during college camp visits.

“South Carolina, Clemson, Texas, TCU are the ones I know for sure, but I will be attending a lot more in the summer,” Fields said. “I will be preparing myself by earning the drills colleges do at camps, getting my feet and hands coordinated to surprise coaches.”

Fields is determined to hone his skills as he prepares himself for the next level.

“I’m working on my hands and getting stronger as a player mentally and physically,” Fields said. “Getting mentally prepared as a student athlete and as a leader. Using my hands and learning the techniques as a D-line player.”



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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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