2023 DL/OL Damon Ward is one of Indiana's most promising young talents | Youth1

2023 DL/OL Damon Ward is one of Indiana's most promising young talents

Indiana is not a state that comes to mind when one thinks of football states. Typically states like Georgia, Florida and Texas come to mind when thinking of talent-filled football states.

Despite not being known as a huge football state, Indy has some impressive young football talent. Among this young talent is 2023 DL/OL Damon Ward, who has started to make a name for himself for his ability on the football field.

"I currently play Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Offensive Guard, and fullback. I love being in the trenches and exploding on the line as a Defensive Tackle and Defensive End," Ward said.

Standing at 5'7" 198 lbs., Ward is a physical Defensive Tackle that makes plays in the backfield for his team. He uses his size and strength to his advantage to overpower his opponent. Once the ball is snapped Ward will burst through the line in a hunt for the ball. He has great instincts, which allows him to locate the ball quickly and make a play on the ball carrier.

Ward also has a great knack for sacking the QB. He loves the chase and disrupting the offense's play in key moments of the game.

"First and foremost I enjoy playing with my teammates. My success is their success and that’s what playing the game is all about... TEAM!" Ward said.

"Secondly, I enjoy being coached by my position coaches. I love soaking in the knowledge, drill work, and studying film with them. Lastly, I enjoy being in the trenches dominating my opponents," he added.

The McCordsville, IN native most recently played for Warren Central Jr. Warriors, Creston Middle School Football, Team Indiana Football and the IYS Lions.

Ward is putting in the work to become the best player he can be. He's dedicated to his craft and believes that a year-round grind is helping him become dominant on the field.

Overall, Ward is pleased with how his game is progressing.

"I learned to measure my progression based on my performance. Did I beat my opponent? Did I beat the double team? How many tackles did I obtain? Based on those questions I believe as a football player I am a dominant player," Ward said.

"I don’t believe in an off season. I am always working on my craft so that I don’t regress or become content in my abilities as a football player," he added.

This dedication has led Ward to much success on the field. He's a team leader, a big time playmaker, and a sack artist.

"I have a quick first step that can be deadly against linemen with slow feet. My ability to use my hands to shed blocks allows me to keep lineman off balance as I’m attacking the backfield. I go hard every play," Ward said of his strengths on the field.

Some of his recent achievements include: 2017 Offensive/Defense Camp ranked 2nd Defensive Lineman Class of 2023, 2017 IYS Lions – Defensive Player of the Year, and 2017 Diamond All American Academic Athlete of the Year Class of 2023.

2023 DL/OL Damon Ward is a talented lineman from the state of Indiana making a name for himself nationally with his ability on the football field. He's plays hard on every down, hunts down ball carriers, and makes big time tackles for his team.

As he continues to progress as an athlete, Ward will continue to be a 2023 athlete worth keeping an eye on.

No matter what, Ward is dedicated to the game and is driven to keep striving for more.

"I feel like all facets of my game can be fine-tuned. I’m always working, watching film, and practicing my craft daily," Ward said.

“I do not settle just because I receive honors or accolades. I want to be great, not just another football player.”


Check out Ward's Youth1 Player Profile --> here.

View some of his highlights below.


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