2023 ATH Rkisch Hyppolite is excited to showcase his skills at NextGen's The Show | Youth1

2023 ATH Rkisch Hyppolite is excited to showcase his skills at NextGen's The Show

Rkisch “Kiki” Hyppolite of Bradenton, Fla., is poised to make a splash when he’s a part of NextGen’s The Show, which takes place in June. Hyppolite played a variety of positions on both offense and defense for the West Coast Buccaneers in nearby Sarasota: running back, wide receiver and cornerback―and for good reason, since he made of big plays at each one. Add that to his physical talent, hunger for success and lightning-fast speed (he runs a 4.5 40), and one can see why he was picked for The Show after standing out at the NextGen Elite Florida Showcase that took place in December of last year.

“It actually felt really good, and I was so happy to receive an invite,” he said. “I’m looking forward to showing my skills and competing against the best of the best. [Being picked] shows that I have skills to showcase.”

Hyppolite models himself after the New York Giants’ Saquon Barkley, mainly because he can do so many things so well, and that is much admired by the 2023 athlete.

“He is such a versatile player,” he noted. Much like Barkley, when Hyppolite gets ahold of the ball on a sweep, his speed makes it tough for the defense to contain the outside in time, then off he goes. And when he goes up the middle, he will break through the first line of defense by jiving, juking and blazing his way past the line of scrimmage and beyond. On defense, Hyppolite uses his speed at cornerback to blanket a receiver and break up a pass. Plus, he’s not afraid to deliver a teeth-rattling hit on a ball carrier or a receiver who tries to make a catch.

In addition to his speed and playmaking abilities, Hyppolite says that one of his best football attributes is being a leader on the gridiron.

“I am really vocal [on the field], and I love and know the game of football,” he said, adding that he loves contributing to his team.

Since Hyppolite is heading to high school this fall, he aims to improve his route-running skills, footwork and football IQ. “I personally feel that I’ve progressed a lot,” he said.

He will improve his talents even more by attending AIR5 Football this summer. AIR5 is an elite 7-on-7 football program for middle and high school athletes across the country. Its mission is to help young athletes earn scholarships to further their education, better their lives and give back to their communities. It focuses on enhancing student-athletes’ field and classroom performances, in addition to participating in a number of philanthropic events and community service projects throughout the year

As The Show gets closer and closer, Hyppolite can’t wait to show off his ever-improving skills. “I’m definitely looking forward to that―I love competing,” he said.


Take a look at Hyppolite’s highlight video to see what he will be bringing to The Show -> here.

For more on NextGen's The Show, check out their website -> here.


Article written by Tom Warnick.


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