2022’s Arnold Strachan is one of the most exciting playmakers in Gainesville | Youth1

2022’s Arnold Strachan is one of the most exciting playmakers in Gainesville

Arnold Strachan is one of the best players from the Gainesville, FL area in the Class of 2022.


The 5-foot-6, 145-pound Strachan, who attends Westwood Middle School, is a versatile player that plays both sides of the ball as a wide receiver and safety.


Strachan has played for the Gainesville Rattlers the last seven seasons.


Strachan has already earned plenty of accolades and recognition.


Strachan has participated in the Future Stars Game


Strachan is grateful for the opportunity to showcase his skills against some of the best of the best.


“It means a lot to me and it shows me I am improving my playing level,” Strachan said. “It was a very great experience. I got my name on the radar.”


No matter the opponent, on each snap Strachan is determined to give it his all.


Strachan is going all out.


The motor is always at full throttle whenever Strachan steps between the lines.


“My mindset at my position is this is my defense and that's my ball and I'm the best to do it,” Strachan said. “I want to leave it all out between those lines every time I step on the field. I refuse to be outworked. My opponent will always have to work for everything they get.”


Strachan has great passion and energy whenever he’s on the gridiron. Strachan tells why he enjoys the game of football so much.


“What I love most about playing football is to push myself to the limits and give it my all,” Strachan said. “I love to get the crowd hyped and to see their reactions to when I make big plays.”


Strachan has learned many valuable lessons from playing football that he applies to his everyday life.


The main one is applying perspective to all situations.


“Football has taught me so much,” Ross said. “The main thing is to don't take anything for granted. Everything isn’t going to go your way. You just have to have hope and believe.”


Strachan describes his favorite football moment.  


“My favorite memory was winning nationals because it put us on a big stage and we performed and got known,” Strachan said.


Tavares Williams has been coaching Strachan for the last seven seasons with the Gainesville Rattlers and the last two seasons with the 7-on-7 Gainesville DreamChasers.


Williams explains the best parts of Strachan’s game.  


“The best part about him at wide receiver is his playmaker ability. At any time he can break the game open with a big play. At safety he is a ball hawk. He’s always around the ball and is a big play waiting to happen. I call him the playmaker,” Williams said. “At wideout his ability to locate the ball and create separation is amazing. At safety, he has fluid hips which allows him to make acrobatic plays.”


Strachan takes his role as one of the leaders on the team very seriously. Strachan makes sure he’s a daily positive influence on his peers.


“When big plays happen I celebrate and when slip ups happen I encourage them,” Strachan said. “I tell my teammates when they’re down to keep their heads up because we’ve got this. “


Williams adds that Strachan is one of those consummate teammates that every locker room needs to be successful.


“He demonstrates leadership by being that big brother that won't let anything happen to his brothers,” Williams said. “He sacrifices himself for his brothers on a daily basis.”


Strachan is appreciative of having amazing male role models that are supportive.


“My coaches tell me to always keep my head up and keep pushing to do my best,” Strachan said. “My coaches tell me that attitude and respect is key for on and off the field. Keep a positive attitude and be good in school.”


Williams recalls examples of Strachan’s capabilities.


“One time at a 7-on7 game he made an interception leaping backwards stretched out mid air in the all MAMMAL 7-on-7 national championship,” Williams said. “That play had me like wow.”


In addition to making clutch plays, Strachan also has a high level of football IQ as well.


Strachan has excellent football awareness that puts him in position to thrive.


“His football IQ comes from him studying every opponent,” Williams said. “He is great at deception. He baits QBs and beats defenders with his deception of slow speed to very fast speed.”


Strachan is always on the grind to perfect and hone his craft.


“The kid has the want to not be outworked,” Williams said. “He and my son Tavares Williams Jr. are like brothers and they push each other to be great. He has been training with me at the Dream Academy the past 2 years. I take him through a rigorous wideout and DB drills.”


Williams explains why Strachan reminds him of the Honey Badger.


“He’s comparable to Tyrann Mathieu,” Williams said. “He has the same explosion and skill set that he does which is exciting to think about given his age.”


Williams outlines the next areas of improvement from Strachan.


“I'm working with him on his footwork,” Williams said. “I constantly stress to him that great footwork will help him at wide receiver and safety.”


Meanwhile, Strachan patterns his style of play after this player.


“I look up to Eric Berry because he is a ball hawk and a head hunter,” Strachan said. “I feel like I play like him and make plays that he does.”


Strachan lists his favorite subject in school as math.


Strachan is constantly striving for greatness.


“I want to keep my attitude up and be a good person,” Strachan said. “I want to be the best I can do as a player and person in every way.”


Strachan dreams of one day being the next great Alabama Crimson Tide player.


“Because they're a great team and the school has great academics,” Strachan said. “It would be a perfect fit.”


Williams believes the sky is the limit as long as Strachan continues to stay hungry.  


“The kid has potential to be the best or one of the best two players in the Class of 2022,” Williams said.



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