2022 WR Jaydan Taylor named MVP at FSG Fort Myers tryout | Youth1

2022 WR Jaydan Taylor named MVP at FSG Fort Myers tryout

Among the standouts at the recent Future Stars Game tryout in Fort Myers, FL was Class of 2022 WR Jaydan Taylor. For his impressive performance, Taylor received the 8th grade MVP award.

The 5'10" 186 pound receiver is a talented pass-catcher with big play ability. He can make the tough catches across the middle and has great size to snag deep balls out the air on vertical routes.

The Orlando, FL native is not limited to one side of the ball either, as he plays OLB on defense. His versatility also allows him to make plays from a variety of positions.

"My favorite part in playing football is defense so you can be more physical," Taylor said.

"I play WR, LB, RB and I feel great at those positions. But I like playing LB the most. I think that I am becoming and better and great football player. I know that I could be way better," he added.

Taylor was able to put his talent on display at the recent FSG tryout in Fort Myers. He enjoyed competing against some of Florida's best youth athletes and learning from FSG coaches.

"The experience I had at the tryouts was amazing. It made me see another side to myself. At first I had many mistakes but, I pulled through in the end," Taylor said.

"My favorite parts were when we did 1 on 1 to compete," he added.

Being awarded MVP at an FSG tryout is an honor for any athlete, as these tryouts are known for their stiff competition.

"I felt great and feel like I worked hard and put my all in it. I was expecting to get MVP," Taylor said.

As Taylor prepares to take his game to the next level, he remains diligent and focused on improving his game. He plans to focus on improving his footwork and speed.

It comes as no surprise that a stellar young receiver like Jaydan Taylor looks up to one of the all-time greats at his position.

"I really look up to Randy Moss. He inspired me to become a WR and that you have to strive for greatness," Taylor said.

Taking home the MVP award at the FSG Fort Myers tryout is an impressive accolade for 2022 WR Jaydan Taylor. His talent speaks for itself and he'll only get better from here.


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