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2022 RB/LB Malyk Jones is a dominant force on both sides of the ball

The 2022 class is filled with talent at the Running Back position. This class seems to have skilled runners from countless states that have earned acclaim for their talents. Among these talented backs from the 2022 class is Malyk Jones, who may just be the crème of the crop.

"Football is life. I love playing football more than anything else," Jones said.

Standing at 5'10 210 lbs., Jones is a physical back that runs with force. His combination of power and speed makes him a nightmare for his opposition. Upon contact Jones is always churning his legs to power through. He has strong legs and this allow him to plow through defenders.

As one of the best RBs from the 2022 class, Malyk Jones prides himself in his competitive nature and his desire to be the best he can be on the field.

"I love the competition and being around my teammates. I like pushing myself to be better. I also think football is the ultimate team sport. It’s the only sport that needs people of all shapes and sizes to be successful," Jones said.

While he may be best known for his skills with the ball in his hands, Jones prefers chasing ball carriers to running with the ball himself.

"I play Running Back and Middle Linebacker. Honestly, I like playing Linebacker more than I like playing Running Back," Jones said.

"I just like to hit people. But it’s cool running over people going into the end zone too."

Jones has built a reputation as one of the premier youth athletes in the nation and deservingly so. The list of teams and all-star games he's played in is quite impressive. They include, 2017 AYF 13U National Champion, Complete scholar-athlete. 3x Diamond All American, Chicagoland UYF All Star, and U-14/15 U.S. National Team USA Football.

The Homewood, IL native most recently played for Patriots Youth Travel Football (PYTF) and won the 13U AYF National Champions. Jones started at MLB and was the primary signal caller for his team. He averaged an impressive 12 tackles and 2 sacks per game in the post season.

"I had an awesome 8th Grade Season. I have been playing football since I was 6 years old. This was my best season overall. My teammates and I worked very hard all season. We won the 13U AYF State, Midwest Regional, and National Championships ending the season 14-0 and ranked #1 by NSR," Jones said.

In his own words, Jones believes leadership is among his best attributes on the field.

"I think I am a good leader on the field. I play with passion and intensity. I also think I’m one of the biggest hitters and tacklers in the game," Jones said.

Though his list of accomplishments and accolades runs deep, Jones is steadfast in striving to improve his game. He knows that he must continue to work if he wants to achieve the ultimate goal.

"I’m always working on my game and preparing for the next level. I work on Speed and Agility at Legacy Sports," Jones said.

"I am working on improving my pass coverage. Since I will be going into high school in the fall, I see that passing will be a bigger part of the game. So I am working with my Mentor and personal Linebacker training coach, LeVar Fisher, on opening my hips and dropping into pass coverage."

Jones credits his mentor, LeVar Fisher, for having a significant impact on his development as a football player.

"I am so lucky to have LeVar Fisher take me under his wing. He has been such a blessing to me," Jones said.

"He was a great Linebacker at NC State and played briefly for the Arizona Cardinals. He has been in my shoes and he’s been where I want to be in life. Over the last few months, he has been instrumental to my development," he added.

It comes as no surprise that Jones looks up to one of the NFL's most legendary middle linebackers and leaders in Ray Lewis

"He played with so much energy and intensity. He was also the leader of the defense and his team. That’s what I try to be for my team," Jones said.

2022 RB/LB Malyk Jones is among the top athletes from his class. His ability to takeover a game on both sides of the ball is remarkable. Being a 3x Diamond All-American, among a bunch of other accolades, is a testament to his superb talent.

For Jones, getting good grades and playing football at a D1 college remain his top priorities.

"I’ve also committed to getting good grades in school. My parents are always pushing me to do good in school. I have Miami and Michigan in sight. So I’m trying to do what I got to do to get there."


Check out his Youth1 Player Profile -> here.

For more on Malyk Jones be sure to view his highlights below.


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