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2022 RB/FS Jacob Brown is a lethal combination of size, power, and speed

As one of the speediest young backs in Texas, 2022 RB/FS Jacob Brown is quietly building a reputation for his talent on the football field. The Katy, TX native is a fast back that uses a lethal combination of size, power, and speed to puncture defenses for big gains.

While Brown is a force running the ball, he can also make big plays as a Free Safety on the other side of the ball.

"Right now I play Running Back and Free Safety," Brown said.

Standing at 5'10 160 lbs., Brown is a strong runner that runs with power in each step. He is a bear to bring down as he hits the hole with purpose and keeps his legs churning through contact. Once he gets a step on the defender, he'll quickly blow past them as he makes his way toward a big gain downfield. He racks up touchdowns and big gains while making it look easy.

This past season Brown scored 12 touchdowns in 6 games, averaging over 17 yards per carry. He's excelled on the field while simultaneously excelling in the classroom, bringing in straight A's.

"What I love about running back is that it puts me in an entirely different world. When I'm running the ball everything slows down for me to see where I need to make the cuts to gain the yards. It makes me feel like I'm alive as if every little piece of frustration is being released at that moment," Brown said.

"The more success I have the more I want. On that play even if I get a first down or even a touchdown I stay hungry. I want to fight for more yards. I want them to come at me I love that competition at running back," he added.

On defense, Brown prides himself on his ability to make plays all over the field. Whether it's coming up with a big tackle, pass deflection, or interception, Brown's goal is to be the difference-maker. He has good instincts, is a good form tackler, and isn't afraid to deliver a big hit.

"When I see that ball coming in the air, “It’s mine”," Brown said.

"I love free safety because there are plenty of surprises. When they pass play after play then run they don't even expect me to be coming then I'm there. I love breaking to the ball and making big hits. Being that aggressive player on the team is my thing," he added.

Development and progression are essential for any young athlete with big aspirations. Brown has taken big steps forward as an athlete. He's proud of how far he's come, but knows there is a long way to go forward as he continues to push himself for more.

"I feel like I'm progressing very efficiently as a player, but I have a long way to go and plenty of milestones to reach. My vision and reads are getting better. I have definitely become more aggressive. When I'm tired or beat down instead of slowing down I give it my all. I crave that extra play," Brown said.

"I am determined to win every rep."

Brown believes his strengths on the field are his speed, vision, intensity, strength, determination, and his love for the game. As he prepares for the next level of competition, Brown is working diligently to improve his game. His progress is evident, but he knows getting better is imperative in order to reach the lofty goals he's set for himself.

"Things I will work on for the next level is definitely speed, strength, and my mindset," Brown said.

"The game will continue to get faster no doubt in this game. So I must continue to get faster. In football as speed increases the hits are harder as well. So I must also continue to strengthen my body to avoid injuries and give an even better fight on the field."

2022 RB/FS Jacob Brown continues to prove that he's one of Texas premier youth running backs. He's strong, powerful, and speedy. He plays with aggression and desire. Most importantly, Brown just truly enjoys playing the game he loves most.

"My favorite thing about playing football is the amazing feeling it gives me. I enjoy having that family, your brothers that have your back is an amazing feeling," Brown said.

"Not to mention the opportunities to go into battle every week. There is nothing that can come close to that connection on or off the field," he added.


Check out Jacob Brown's highlights below.


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