2022 RB Ellie Nickelson III is one of North Carolina's most dynamic athletes | Youth1

2022 RB Ellie Nickelson III is one of North Carolina's most dynamic athletes

Ellie Nickelson III is one of the best players from the Charlotte, NC area in the Class of 2022. 

The 5-foot-5, 130-pound Nickelson III, who attends Mountain Island Charter School, is a dynamic player that works as a running back, slot receiver and kick returner. 

Nickelson III, who was a member of Youth1’s Freshman450 list last year, explains his strengths on the field. 

“My father and my mentor Chris Hall has always told me my ability to go from 0-60, my ability to accelerate quickly, and being coachable are my biggest strengths,” Nickelson III said. “I also think my speed and ability to see the field, be elusive when running, and my ability to catch out of the backfield definitely help also.”

Nickelson III shares the aspects of playing each position that he enjoys. 

“I love RB because I get to use my speed and quickness to help my team win. I feel like no one can tackle me 1-on-1. I love slot for the same reasons,” Nickelson III said. “I love kick return because it gives me the ball in the most open space where I feel I’m the most dangerous.”

Nickelson III patterns his play after these three standouts. 

“My all-time favorite is Steve Smith Sr., but currently Christian McCaffrey and Tarik Cohen are two players I feel most connected with recently,” Nickelson III said. “They both are smaller guys with speed and relentless competitiveness. I feel like I play like all three players.”

Nickelson III has a strong passion for the game of football. This is shown through his actions and behavior on the field. 

“My favorite part of playing football is the high energy of the game,” Nickelson III said. “For me no other sport is more intense. I also just love the game and love being part of a team.”

Nickelson III does his best to show strong leadership to his teammates. It’s important to Nickelson III that he sets a positive example on his peers. 

“I try to show my leadership being encouraging and positive, and leading by example. I work really hard and hope my teammates see that in me,” Nickelson III said. “The best advice I give is to focus, work hard, never give up and trust the process.”

Nickelson III has improved in many aspects since being selected to the Freshman450. Nickelson III excitedly lists the strides he’s made in the last year. 

“I feel really good about my high school football career so far. Last year I played JV and varsity at NorthMeck High School. I felt honored to play varsity as a freshman with players like Justin Olsen, Da’Qon Stewart, Fabian Duncan, Jordan Daniels and Aaron Scott,” Nickelson III said. “This year I’m very excited to be at Mountain Island Charter with some awesome teammates like Elijah Burris, Gabriel Stephens, Kobe Creamer, and Durrell Johnson just to name a few. I’m really looking forward to helping my team go as far as we can. I think I’m progressing very well so far, and looking forward to learning more from my coaches and teammates.”

Nickelson III discusses what he’s been up to lately.  

“I’ve played spring ball, and most recently got back from camp at Campbell University with my team. I’m constantly training and preparing with my football mentor Ardy Holmes, who plays for the Carolina Energy is a  former UNCC player,” Nickelson III said. “He works on my overall game as well camp specific drills. Also running track this past season has helped my speed tremendously.”

Nickelson III lists recent achievements he’s proud of. 

“Last season I was awarded MVP for the JV team, and earned my varsity letter in football,” Nickelson III said. “In track I qualified for regionals in 4x1 and the New Balance Nationals in the 200 meter as a freshman.”

Nickelson III outlines what he needs to work on to take his game to the next level.

“I work on everything. I want to be an offensive specialist. Lately I’ve been working on more of my defense,” Nickelson III said. “I always want to get faster, and I want to build more muscle. And just learning everything I can to become a better player.”



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Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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