2022 QB Zachary Harrison is one of Arizona's rising talents | Youth1

2022 QB Zachary Harrison is one of Arizona's rising talents

The state of Arizona is quietly brimming with football talent. Over the years we've seen more and more talented football players come out of AZ and make their impact on a national scale.

Among the rising football talents from the state of Arizona is 2022 QB Zachary Harrison, who is building a reputation as a talented QB.

Standing at 6'0 170 lbs., Harrison is a dime-dropping QB that thrives throwing the ball from the pocket. Harrison doesn't need much time in the pocket to pick a part the defense. His throws are supremely accurate and typically hits the receiver in stride.

Harrison keeps his feet moving in the pocket, which allows his arm, feet, and hips to work in concert when delivering the football. When pressured he has the mobility to evade pressure while keeping his eyes downfield. He also has the arm strength to guide the ball into tight windows.

"I would say my pocket presence and mobility are good. I believe I make quick decisions and I have great poise," Harrison said of his strengths.

The Cottonwood, AZ native is a true Quarterback. He embraces the pressure and tough moments that come with the position.

I enjoy being the most looked at and criticized player on the field," Harrison said.

"Being QB I believe has made me into a better person off the field because all eyes are on me. I like being the guy everyone looks up to," he added.

More than anything, Harrison serves as a leader for his team. He takes pride in putting the team before himself. He's a true competitor on the field.

"I love the competitiveness of the game. I love how there is no “I” in football, everyone has a job that needs to be fulfilled for things to work," Harrison said.

"There is nothing like a Friday night," he added.

Harrison currently attends Mingus Union High School, where he shines as starting QB. He was named 2nd Team All Region for QB in the Grand Canyon Region 4A. He's also #2 on the all time passing yards list at Mingus Union High.

The talented QB is dedicated to working hard and plans on continuing his ascension.

"As a football player I most definitely thing I am getting better every time I step onto the field. There are little things I can focus on everyday to help improve my craft little by little," Harrison said.

Harrison has areas of his game he's focused on improving upon.

"I am focusing on engaging my lower half to get more velocity on my passes. I am always working on accuracy as well. One of the biggest things I am trying to improve on is my knowledge and smarts of the game, so I don’t have to rely all on my physical abilities," Harrison said.

"I am working on my speed and arm strength. I am also working on reading coverages better. I am always working on accuracy and ball placement," he added.

2022 QB Zachary Harrison is a rising talent from the state of Arizona. His strong arm and accuracy are impressive. As he continues to develop, it will be exciting to see how his game progresses from here.

His poise and ability to lead a team are remarkable. He admirably wants to forge his own path. 

"There are several QB’s in the league that I look up to but I don’t want to model my game after anyone. I want to make my own way and be my own person in hopes that someday people will model their game after me!"



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View his highlights below.


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