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2022 QB Jacob Knuth is South Dakota's top young passer

The 2022 class boasts an impressive crop of QB prospects. Among the impressive quarterbacks from the 2022 class is South Dakota's own Jacob Knuth, who has become one of the class’s standout young passers.

Standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, Knuth is a tall QB that uses his height to see openings downfield. He’s a supreme passer from the pocket. He makes quick reads and delivers the ball on a dime. He shows very good arm strength and remarkable accuracy for a youth quarterback.

This young man just knows how to throw the football and his skills project very well to the next level.

"I love playing QB and all the responsibility that comes with it," Knuth said.

"I love getting the call from the coach on the sidelines or talking to him or the OC about what we’re seeing and then deciding on a play and then bringing it into the huddle and explaining to the team how we’re going to attack the play. I also love the fact that there’s so much information available pre-snap but once that ball is snapped its pure adrenaline," he added.

The Sioux Falls, SD native is a smooth throwing QB that leads by example. Most importantly, Knuth plays hard and is ultra competitive.

"I’ve always been one of the most competitive people I know, I love to win and hate to lose. I’m a pretty intense person but I do a good job of keeping calm and composed and remaining cool under pressure," Knuth said.

"I love the excitement and adrenaline of being around the team before and after games. I love that football is the ultimate team sport and that it requires you to use your brain in the huddle and during your pre-snap reads and then a second later you get to attack the defense," he added.

Knuth most recently played for three teams including the Harrisburg North Middle School Tigers, The South Dakota Miners (an all-star-club team with players from around South Dakota and Northwest Iowa), and the 8th Grade National Championship Team South Dakota for Football University, a team which he has led both his 6th and 7th grade years.

His 8th grade football season has been a major success so far. Knuth led his middle school team to an 8-1 record while completing 70% of his passes, throwing for over 500 yards for 7 TD’s, and rushing for 4 more.

"I have thrown for over a 1,000 yards and rushed for nearly 500 this fall when including travel ball," Knuth said.

His strengths on the field, in his own words, include his size, speed, arm strength, and football IQ. However, Knuth understands that in order to reach his goal of playing college football it's imperative that he continues to progress.

He's only 13 years old and has been playing the position for nearly six years. With hard work, Knuth knows he can reach his potential and achieve the goals he's set for himself.

"I am working to get physically stronger and faster and working to improve my footwork, accuracy and reading defenses and even though I’ve played a lot of football already, my overall football IQ needs to continue to improve," Knuth said.

"My goal is to get better every year. I am training to get more flexible, stronger and faster so I can compete for the QB position on our varsity team as a freshman next year. To do that I know I need to get better at reading defenses and get physically stronger."

With his sight set on getting better, it makes sense that Knuth would look up to some of the best in the world at his position. It makes even more sense that he'd look to steal some tips from a standout NFL QB that he can truly relate to.

"I love Carson Wentz for his mechanics, his passion for the game (you don’t see him slide too much), his competitive spirit and the fact that he’s been able to achieve so much coming from a smaller state like North Dakota," Knuth said.

Jacob Knuth is a QB from the 2022 class that is making a splash on the youth football scene. He's got a strong arm, delivers a beautiful ball, can make all the throws, and shows poise in the pocket. He can pick a defense apart with the best of them.

Most importantly, Knuth just has a real joy for playing quarterback.

"I love playing QB, but I know there’s so much to learn so I’m always looking for ways to improve and I know that I’ll need to keep learning and working my hardest until I’m done playing," Knuth said.


Checkout Jacob Knuth's Player Profile --> here.

Checkout Jacob Knuth's highlights below.

2022 QB- Jacob Knuth 8th Grade 2017 Midseason Cutups from Mike Knuth on Vimeo.


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