2022 LB/DE Justin Eisele is one of New Jersey's best pass rushers | Youth1

2022 LB/DE Justin Eisele is one of New Jersey's best pass rushers

Justin Eisele is one of the best players from the Lake Hopatcong, NJ area in the Class of 2022.

The 6-foot, 195-pound Eisele, who attends Pope John High School, is a dynamic player that works as an outside linebacker and defensive end.

Eisele, who was a member of Youth1’s Freshman450 list last year, explains his strengths on the field.

“My strengths on the field are my motor and being unfazed of the size of linemen,” Eisele said. “I’m a competitor and I’m going to give it my all and make the opposition have to work when I take the field.”

Eisele shares the aspects of playing his positions that he enjoys.

“My passion is playing on the defensive side,” Eisele said. “I enjoy pass rushing, making tackles for losses, just creating havoc in the backfield.”

Eisele patterns his play after this standout.

“I like creating havoc in the backfield like J.J. Watt. I look up to him because of how dominant he is on the field and the kind of person he is off the field,” Eisele said. “I want to be the same way.”

Eisele has a strong passion for the game of football. This is shown through his actions and behavior on the field.

“I love playing defense,” Eisele said. “I love being around my teammates, working out, practicing to get better. I enjoy the brothership.”

Eisele does his best to show strong leadership to his teammates. It’s important to Eisele that he sets a positive example for his peers.

“I lead by example. I work hard on and off the field. I never go easy or take shortcuts. I give it 110 percent all the time,” Eisele said. “The best advice I give is that there are ups and downs playing for a high profile school. Just work hard and your hard work will pay off.”

Eisele has improved in many aspects since being selected to the Freshman450. Eisele excitedly lists the strides he’s made in the last year.

“I am learning a new position (outside linebacker) and each game I am getting comfortable, understanding the position every practice and game,” Eisele said. “Playing defensive end, I know everything about this position and my instincts are natural since I have been playing this for so long. I am getting this way now with outside linebacker.”

Eisele discusses some accomplishments he’s proud of.

“I will be attending USA football camps and Rival camps and working my way up on varsity,” Eisele said. ”I am second string behind two seniors. I am motivated to proving that I can eventually become a starter.”

Eisele outlines what he needs to work on to take his game to the next level.

“I continue to work on my quickness and speed, along with working on my technique,” Eisele said. “Also I’m putting in extra training during the season to improve my speed and quickness. I know that with work I’ll be able to make these improvements and become even more dangerous on the field.”


For more on Justin Eisele, check out his Youth1 Media Profile -> here.

View his highlights below.

Article written by Rolando Rosa.


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