2022’s Quincy Burroughs is striving to be the next great Crimson Tide WR | Youth1

2022’s Quincy Burroughs is striving to be the next great Crimson Tide WR

WR Quincy Burroughs is one of the best players from the Jacksonville, FL area in the Class of 2022.


The 5-foot-8, 125 pound Burroughs, who attends Jean Ribault Middle School, was selected to the Between the Hash all-star game.


Ribault coach Justin Moss compares Burroughs to former Florida Gators Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey. Moss is looking forward to his first season coaching Burroughs after taking notice of him for several years.


“Honestly, words can't explain how excited I am to coach Quincy, and just for this upcoming football season,” Moss said. “I just thank God, for giving me this opportunity to be a part of something great.”


Youth1 spoke to Moss and Burroughs himself to learn a little more about the standout athlete.


Name: Quincy Burroughs


Class: 2022


Position: WR


Height: 5-foot-8


Weight: 125 pounds


Youth League teams: Wesconnett, Lakeshore, Grand Park


Recognition: Invited to Between the Hash



What the recognition means to him: It helps me know that I'm progressing and that's just a step to the next goal but I know to always remain humble.



What he likes about playing football: That it's a sport that you can be physical, agile and you can use your speed. Also, it's competitive.



What playing football has taught him: That if you mess up you can always bounce back. Also never let anyone get to your head because people are always going to talk.



Favorite football memory: When we played Westside in the playoffs. I got a fumble recovery in the end zone and a late touchdown in the last 30 seconds of the game.



His approach to being a good teammate: By being a leader and helping teammates with schoolwork. Also being cool with all the players.



What he’s learned from his coaches: They’re always encouraging me to always being the best. My dad also tells me to never lose my cool and to always have short-term memory.


Favorite players: Chad Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald because I like the way they maneuver and get around DB’s. They're unstickable. Also Odell Beckham Jr.


His mindset as a wide receiver: To not let the DB be able to stop me. To make a move and get around him quickly and that no one can stick me.


Favorite subject: Mathematics because you use numbers and you have to use algorithms and you can solve problems.


College he’s interested in: The University of Alabama because I love the coaches including Coach Saban, Ansley and Locksley. I also like the players that they have molded into the NFL.


His goals on and off the field: To be someone that a kid my age one day can look up. I want kids to say ''I want to grow up to be similar to Quincy Burroughs." I just want to be successful in life and to excel in everything I do.




Coach’s take


Justin Moss - Coaches Burroughs at Jean Ribault Middle School


Best qualities as a wide receiver: He's more of a hybrid player. As a slot wide receiver he’s a matchup advantage because of his high class speed. This kid uses his speed to his advantage, and yes, in this case, "speed kills".




Football IQ: He's a very intelligent guy. Quincy is one of those guys who mimics and displays all the correct and positive ways to do things.




Leadership abilities: He's just a lead by example type of guy. When everyone sees he's tuned in and doing certain things, they'll fall in line. For instance, with the drills. He's the individual who actually challenges his teammates, to rep certain things to get better. He’s like a trainer on the field, type of guy.





An example of his big-play ability: I could recall a jet sweep that he "house called" to put his team in a winning situation, late in a game. It was very electrifying.





Work ethic: He's a hard worker. He wants to do everything right and won't quit until he's on top, literally. He has perfected the pre-drills such as the different cone drills, ladder drills, etc. This results in everyone appreciating what he displays, especially for those who struggle at some point in time. Also, not too many kids really know how to run. He has been trained for years, from legit track instructors (including his mom) which has given him a jump in that particular realm.




Areas of improvement: Route running.



Burroughs’ potential: He's college material at the D1 level. His speed and IQ will get him in the door. He's academically/athletically competitive and inclined.



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