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2021 QB Jordan Guerad wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps at UCF

Jordan Guerad is one of the best players from the Tampa, FL area in the Class of 2021.


The 6-foot-1, 220-pound Guerad, who attends Bloomingdale High School, is a dynamic quarterback for the varsity team as well as the Brandon Ravens, an organization in the TBYFL.


Guerad has also played for the Valrico Rams, East Bay Bucs and Dover Patriots during his outstanding youth football career.


Guerad has earned many awards and accolades for his superb play as a football player.


Guerad has made the TBYFL All-Star game four times and made two trips to the Super Bowl, which is played at Raymond James stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Guerad is grateful for the opportunities to showcase his skills but is quick to mention that he’s staying humble.


Football is in Guerad’s blood and he wants to be the next success story in his family’s lineage.


Most recently, Guerad’s brother Tony is a defensive lineman for the undefeated No. 14 nationally ranked UCF football team.


The 6-foot-4, 295-pound Tony Guerad is projected to be selected in the 2018 NFL Draft.


“I’ve seen my two brothers achieve great levels when they played, and it motivates me to be better,” Guerad said. “My older brother plays at UCF, I would want to make to college as well.”


Guerad recalls his favorite football memory, which came when he was 10-years-old for the Ravens against the Falcons.


“We were down by five points and I did a bootleg on the 5-yard line and ran over two defenders to win the game,” Guerad said.


Guerad has a burning desire and passion for the game of football. Guerad says that whenever he steps between the lines, he’s trying to make a statement.


“I love winning the hard games and throwing deep touchdowns,” Guerad said.


Guerad has learned many valuable lessons on the gridiron that he applies to his everyday life.


“Football has taught me that hard work pays off and it shows you how to make a team work together,” Guerad said.


Guerad shares what his mindset is on each snap. The signal caller is in a constant state of staying aggressive.


“I look for the weaknesses of the defense and I take pride in being accurate,” Guerad said.


Daryl Williams is in his sixth season coaching Guerad on the youth football level. Williams explains the best parts of Guerad’s game as a quarterback.


“He has the strongest arm in the area but also has great touch. I coached him at the Brandon Ravens and the Valrico Rams of Pop Warner,” Williams said. “His football IQ and awareness makes him special.  He's a big kid for his age but elevated his performance for big games. He instinctively knows where to place the ball so that's it's easy to catch.  He also has huge hands and doesn't use the laces to throw with.”


Guerad understands the importance of being a team leader because he plays one of the most essential positions.


The signal caller might not be very demonstrative or loud but he lets his action do the talking.


“I'm not a vocal leader but I lead by my play,” Guerad said. “I tell my teammates to practice hard so the game will come easy.”


Williams agrees that being boisterous isn’t a requirement to being a quarterback.


“He's a quiet leader and leads by example primarily,” Williams said. “However when it's necessary everyone hears him and he commands their respect.  He also practices the way he plays.”


Guerad is grateful to have a coaching staff filled with excellent male role models.


“My coaches tell me to work hard at practice and don’t let my grades slip,” Guerad said. “My coaches take extra time to prepare me for the game each week. They allows us time to study so we can be prepared for school.”


Williams beams with joy when thinking back on one of the many clutch plays Guerad has made.


“In a playoff game he called an audible for a back side skinny post route. He moved the safety with his eyes and then threw a laser to the wide receiver for a 70-yard touchdown,” Williams said. “We have give him the green light to call his own plays and responded without hesitation. He was also one of the best DT’s in the area and he is unblockable when he's in the zone.”


Guerad is blessed with an amazing level of football IQ that enables him to dissect a defense.


“He understands down and distance and how to evaluate the other players,” Williams said. “He knows how to identify a weakness and take advantage.”


Williams raves that Guerad is not only a gifted athlete but also has a non-stop motor.


“He has learned to become one of the hardest workers on the team,” Williams said. “He's so naturally gifted that he rarely has an equal on the team to push him.”


Williams outlines the next area of improvement that will take Guerad’s game to the next level.


“We work on him continuing to raise the bar,” Williams said. “He has the ability to dominate but will take it easy at times when the opponent is not up to his level.”


Guerad lists his favorite subjects in school as math and gym.


Guerad patterns his style of play at quarterback after these two legends, one of the collegiate level and the other in the NFL.


“I want to be like Tim Tebow but with a Tom Brady arm,” Guerad said. “I like Brady’s accuracy and Tebow’s passion for the game.”


Meanwhile, Williams compares his quarterback to this former UCF star that went on to shine with the Minnesota Vikings.


“He reminds me of a combination of Tom Brady with Daunte Culpepper body,” Williams said. “He's a physical specimen that can think his way through a situation.”


To follow in Culpepper and his brother’s footsteps at UCF “would be a dream come true,” says Guerad.


Williams has no doubt that Guerad is destined for greatness and that the sky is the limit.


“He's a D-1 player for sure.  His measurements and genetics make him perfect for the next level,” Williams said. “Jordan has all the tools and the temper to star at the next level.  He makes those around him better.”



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