2021 ATH Jaison Patterson is being compared to Edgerrin James | Youth1

2021 ATH Jaison Patterson is being compared to Edgerrin James

Jaison Patterson is one of the best players from the the Jacksonville, FL area in the Class of 2021.


The 5-foot-11, 180 pound Patterson, who attends Ed White High School, is a dynamic athlete that plays running back, linebacker and safety.


Patterson was selected as the JEB Stuart Middle School Male Athlete of The Year in 2016.


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Patterson’s father, Shawn Patterson, coached him at the Lakeshore Athletic Association for five years and two years at JEB Stuart Middle School.


Mr. Patterson is very proud of the strides Jaison has made throughout his football career.


“It is an honor to see all the hard work and time you put in with your child being displayed through his talents,” Mr. Patterson said.


Jaison explains how his father is constantly pushing him towards greatness.  


“It's definitely hard because he doesn't take any laziness from me and he pushes me harder than he would anyone else because he wants the best from me on and off the football field,” Jaison said. “So having him as a coach is great for me. He would do anything to get it out of me,so him being my coach is hard. But it's also better for me because he also makes me a better person on and off the field.”


Mr. Patterson says Jaison is equally potent on both sides of the ball.


“He is a tough downhill runner with a nose for the endzone who can also run between the tackles. He breaks a lot tackles with good lower body strength. He catches well out of the backfield and sees the field very well before plays,” Mr. Patterson said. “On defense he tackles well in open space, one-on-one situations. He can cover wide receivers, running backs and tight ends  in man coverage. He’s a ballhawk on the defensive side of the ball.”


Jaison uses the game of football as a stress reliever for other aspects of his life.


“What I love about football is that it is a contact sport and you get to let all of your anger and emotion buildups that you have and just let them all out on the the field,” Jaison said.


Jaison has acquired many positive habits from his experiences on the gridiron.


“Football has taught me to be a strong individual. It also has taught me to stay out of trouble such as being in the streets doing things I shouldn't be doing. Football has taught me to speak up and say what I have to say because if you don't those coaches and players are just going to forget about you and just go to the next person,” Jaison said. “I also learned to stay on top of my tasks such as school work because if I don't stay on top of that I won't be able to play the sport I love.  So, football has taught me a lot in life.”


Jaison demonstrates his leadership not only on the gridiron but also in academics.


“He’s always leading by example on and off the field,” Mr. Patterson said. “He loves to put his team on his back. He is a coach on the field and in the classroom.”


Mr. Patterson highlights the next steps for Jaison as areas to build on.


“Being more of a vocal leader than a physical leader. He doesn't do much talking,” Mr. Patterson said. “His route running needs to be a little more polished and his upper body strength can use a boost.”


Jaison is the consummate teammate who puts the interests of others above himself.


“I always try to keep positive thoughts in my head so I try to do the same for teammates. I always try to push my teammates to where we can all get better and succeed as a unit not as individuals,” Jaison said. “I never talk smack about my teammates behind their back because that starts conflict. Conflict spreads and then it will start to affect my other teammates. So I never try to do anything that will hurt the team. Another thing is that I always tell my teammates to keep their heads high because you never know what's gonna happen next.”


Jaison had a kickoff return for a touchdown last season against Ribault Middle School and had five games with two or more touchdowns.


“He’s able to take over a game with punishing, electrifying runs and carry his team to victories with his God-given abilities,” Mr. Patterson said. “He studies the field very well and is always alert. In a game, he was at safety and dropped back into coverage. He jumped an out route for a pick-six to win the game.”


Mr. Patterson compares Jaison to Edgerrin James on offense and Telvin Smith on defense.


“He’s a patient runner with power, vision and game changing ability,” Mr. Patterson said. “He plays fast on defense and can get to the ball in a hurry and help out in the pass defense.”


Jaison lists favorite subject as biomedical science “because I do lots of experiments and I have to interact with my classmates to find clues. I also always wanted to be a CSI agent to find out what happened to the person and how they got killed.”


Jaison has high aspirations for himself as a football player and person.


“My goals on the field are to get a name for myself and be one of the greatest players who touched the field,” Jaison said. “My goals off the field are to stay on top of my school work and reach my goal to have my own company. I also want to just stay close to my family and spend time with them.”


Jaison’s dream is to play for the University of Miami and fantasizes about being a Hurricane. Jaison envisions being a two-sport star for the football and baseball team at Miami.


“I’m from Miami and they had some of the best players who are in the NFL. I always thought that Miami always had some great running back coaches and running backs,” Jaison said. “Also Miami's attitude has swagger and when they get on the the field they just set the tone to all the other teams and smash them right in the mouth.”


Mr. Patterson thinks the sky is the limit for the standout athlete.


“He has the potential to fulfill his dreams of being a multi-sport athlete because he works hard, he’s not afraid to learn more and most of all he puts God first,” Mr. Patterson said.


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