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2021 ATH Jaiden Tippit patterns his style of play after Eli Apple

Jaiden Tippit is one of the best players from the Tampa, FL area in the Class of 2021.


The 5-foot-5, 112-pound Tippit, who attends Kids Community College, is a versatile athlete that lines up at cornerback, wide receiver and occasionally at safety for the Progress Village Panthers, a team which plays in TBYFL.


Prior to playing for the Panthers, Tippit was on the Southshore Longhorns.


Tippit has been recognized for his strong play with accolades such as the Hit Stick and Team Player award.


Tippit is appreciate of the honors bestowed upon him because it’s reaffirms why he grinds so hard.


“Well I’ve always lowkey been the underdog so that's one reason I work hard to become one of the greatest people on the field at the time,” Tippit. “I want to be MVP of my team and get great awards to show that hard work pays off.”


Tippit recalls his favorite football memory, which also doubles as one of the various times he’s laid it all out on the field.


“We were playing the Mustangs in the first game of the season. I was on the South Shore Longhorns at cornerback. It was fourth and goal about like five yards to go. He runs a sweep my way.  As he was running to score I rocked him out of bounds. That was my favorite memory because I put my body on the line to make a play and that's what it takes to be one of the best.”


Tippit’s passion for the game of football has plenty to do with the reactions, sights and sounds on game day.


“I love playing football because of the energy of the crowd and the intensity of every play between the whistle,” Tippit said.


Tippit has acquired many essential life lessons from playing football. He shares the most important one.


“Never go to sleep,” Tippit said. “Stay woke in order to be humble and let God take care of things. Always count on God.”


Raul Lezcano is in his first season coaching Tippit with the Progress Village Panthers. Lezcano explains the best parts of Tippit’s game on both sides of the ball.


Tippit has five interceptions this season (two returned for touchdowns) along with four forced fumbles, two recovered and scored by him.


“Jaiden Tippet is a lockdown corner. The best part of his DB skills is his speed and natural awareness of how to track down and make the play on the ball. Knowing how to play cornerback so well makes him dangerous on offense as a wide receiver. The explosion off the ball and being able to cause separation to get open makes him a hard receiver to cover,” Lezcano said. “Jaiden has really good feet. When dropping back in coverage he is able to break on the ball or come up for run support very quickly. Football is a stop and go sport and he does that very good. At wide receiver his route running is one of the best I have seen. As he moves up through the years it’s only going to get better. Jaiden understands coverages and spots he has to get to in order to be open. Also his ability to improvise on a play makes him exciting to watch because you don’t know what he is going to do with that ball.”


Tippit is always trying his best to be a good teammate and positive example for his peers.


“I do this by encouraging my teammates after a bad play and hyping them up and going hard in practice so my brothers can get that work,” Tippit said. “I told my friend Keoni that he’s a big physical player. In the Vikings game I told him this: ‘You’re a monster. Act like it.’ The next play he got a long run and stiff armed the life out of No. 11.”


Lezcano provides an awesome example of Tippit’s leadership.


“Jaiden is always the kid you can count on to lift up his teammates in tough games or at practice when his teammate might make a mistake. During Week 3 we were playing the Bills in what was called the Mud Bowl. It had been raining all day and during the game. The field we were on was covered in puddles of water and mud. The game was tied going into the fourth quarter 6-6. The Bills were driving on us,” Lezcano said. “Well we called a timeout to gather the boys. Jaiden shouted out ‘We got more coach, we’re not tired! I’m going to make the play.’  After the timeout, the Bills threw a deep ball that was picked off by Jaiden and returned to their 45.  It set up the go ahead touchdown for us to win the game.”


Tippit appreciates his coaches for giving him a push on the field and in the classroom.


“Coach Raul and my other coaches encourage me every day by telling me right from wrong and to grind,” Tippit said. “I don’t know how my coaches do it but they make me turn into different person on the field. They make me a dog and I love them for that.”


Lezcano can’t even begin to name all of the big plays Tippit has made. But he provides one that paints the picture of his influence on the team.


“He has a lot of them but a play that sticks out to me was when we were playing the Brandon Bears. A lot of hype was leading up to this game. The Bears have an offense that can wear on a defense if not attacked properly. We were in a situation where we needed a big play to slow down their offense and Mr. Tippit delivered again,” Lezcano said. “The running back for the Bears broke through or D-line and was trying to head to the outside. Jaiden came up for run support so fast that he hit the running back causing the fumble. He was also able to recover the ball and return it for a touchdown. I was just amazed by the speed, aggression and awareness by him on that play.”


An incredible football IQ also greatly helps Tippit to be dynamic.


“That’s probably the most special part of his game. He is a film head kind of kid. He will watch film on every team he plays to prepare himself for the game. Then he will come to practice to learn the plan on how to attack it,” Lezcano said. “Funny thing is before we can tell him, he will give advice or recommend ways to neutralize players or ways not to give up the big play.  Being so young and able to recognize plays as they happen makes him advanced and ready for the next level.”


One of the players Tippit looks up to is Eli Apple.


Tippit wants to follow in his footsteps at Ohio State.


“That’s where I grew up and it will make my family proud to see my playing for a big college,” Tippit said. “And also we're huge Ohio State fans.”


Tippit lists his favorite subject in school as science.


“Because there is so much to learn about and how things work in science,” Tippit said. “I’m currently building a robot that can sense and smell chemicals.”


Tippit’s work ethic is simply amazing according to his coach.


“Jaiden has an engine that seems to never be empty. He constantly is trying to push himself on every play, sprint, or drill we have,” Lezcano said. “It comes from how he trains on his off time. After finishing school work he will make time to do ladder drills, core workouts, or resistance band training to maintain strength during the season.”


Lezcano outlines how the coaching staff is preparing Tippit to be even more effective.


“An area that coaches and I work with him on is game situation,” Lezcano said. “Recognizing down and distance. Understating and knowing what the other team will throw at him on Saturdays and then how to adjust to their game plans for him.”


Lezcano sees no reason why the talented athlete can’t accomplish all of his dreams if he continues at this pace.


“Jaiden’s potential is limitless. On the field Jaiden is easily a 5-star recruit. Off the field and in the classroom he is just as amazing,” Lezcano said. “Jaiden Tippet has the drive, dedication and hunger to want to be the best. He will definitely be able playing on Sundays  for your favorite team.”



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