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Class of 2023: Joshua Evans impresses at Grassroots Combine

At the Grassroots Combine this past weekend in Maryland, youth football players came out and put on a show for the scouts and high school recruiters in attendance. 

During the combine, underclassmen were mixed in groups with 8th graders forcing them to compete with athletes sometimes double their size. Among the standout underclassman was QB/DB Joshua Evans. Standing at 5’4, 103 lbs. Evans was one of the smaller athletes at the combine.

Throughout the individual DB drills, Evans impressed with his technique especially when backpedaling with a receiver in front of him. He has noticeable quickness and smooth hip movements as well.

His skillset far exceeds his youthful age; however, upon finding out he is the only in the 5th grade, his performance became even more noteworthy.

“I had a really great time at the Grassroots combine,” Evans said. “I felt challenged I learned a lot and it was a cool and fun experience.”

Evans was not only a standout among the DBs, but he also performed well during the QB drills. While he only got the opportunity to play DB and QB at the combine, Evans versatile skillset allows him to play all over the field. “I play QB, CB, FS and this past year I played a lot of WR,” he said.

“(My favorite is) a toss up between QB and WR, I like to run the zone read as well as fly pass cornerbacks, so I like them both.”

After watching some film on Evans, who likes to go by ‘JC', it's clear to see why he enjoys playing WR. The Katy, TX native is a dynamo in the open field as he is able to seamlessly evade defenders. Once he gets the ball in space, he uses his slight frame to slither through arm tackles and his quick feet to find a seam to move up field. In the open field, Evans also has an array of spin and juke moves he uses to stymie tacklers from getting him to the ground.

Check out one of his highlight tapes here: 

Though already an impressive young player with plenty of upside to spare, Evans shows a desire to get better. “I think I could improve especially on my 40-yard dash time and my QB drills,” Evans said.

Despite being among the youngest athletes at the Grassroots combine, Evans performed quite well. With his position versatility and obvious talent, it will be exciting to follow along with his progress. 


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