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2015 FBU Top Gun Produces 43 FBU All-Americans

The 2015 FBU Top Gun camp came to a close this afternoon, as the athletes from the camp participated in their final day of competition for the various classes.

Players went through the final sessions of drills today, where they had one more chance to compete against each other and show what they are about. From individual drills to one-on-one competitions and 7-on7’s, players had one more solid day of coaching and experience.

At the end of the day, the athletes entered the Dublin Jerome High School auditorium for the closing ceremonies, where Erik Richards and the National Selection Committee selected 43 kids to the 2016 FBU Youth All-American Bowl (formerly the Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl.) 

The competition was stiff with many athletes deserving recognition, but below are the athletes in the 2020 and 2021 classes selected as All-Americans.



Ford Reasons – DL

Joshua Williams – DL

Tunmise Adeleye – DL

Paul Lefkowitz – LB

Jackson Turner – LB

Mario Love Jr. – DB

Jayden Bellamy – DB

Raleek Brown – RB

Jamal Haynes – RB

J. Michael Sturdivant – WR

Shawn Miller – WR

Hayden Conner – WR

Bryce Foster – OL

Luke Pinnick – OL

Ethan Hand – OL

John Griffin – QB

Luis Chavarria – OL

Devin Brown – ATH



Bryan Felter – OL

Hunter Shanks – OL

Jackson Ramsey – OL

Hayden Engel – OL

Collin Sullivan – WR

Talin Wesley Kemp – WR

Jacobi Bellazine – WR

Silas Starr – WR

Charlie Russo – RB

Kolbe Burrell – RB

Kalii Bradford – RB

Ryan Zanelli – QB

Cade Knighton – QB

Harrison Bailey – QB

David Bailey – DL

Hunter Kaupiko – DL

Jordan Morant – LB

Zakary Salinas – LB

Lawrence Anderson – DB

Rashad Torrencell – DB

RaJa Nelson – DB

Elias Ricks - DB

Emon Hill Jr. ATH

Marques Buford –ATH

Hayden Olsen - K


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