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2020 DB Biege-Wetherbee Using Past FBU Experience To Excel At Top Gun

FBU Football has the ability to impact young football players from all over the country, from regional camps to bigger camps like Top Gun, and plenty of other events.

These events are aimed at helping young football players improve their game and become better, and also give them experiences they’ll remember for the rest of their life.

For Oregon defensive back Caiden Biege-Wetherbee, he has taken full advantage of his FBU opportunities, and it has helped him gain valuable coaching and build relationships with kid while competing at the highest level.

Biege-Wetherbee has been an active participant in the FBU scene, both in the FBU national championships, and FBU regional camps.

Last year he went to a regional camp in Utah, and this year, he traveled up to Seattle to participate in their regional camp, where he got to meet some new players and coaches.

“It was pretty awesome,” Biege-Wetherbee said. “I got to meet players and coaches who have been to the NFL, and it was cool to see some new faces and new talent that I had never seen before.”

Biege-Wetherbee has also been involved in the FBU National Championship games with is Oregon FBU team. Last year, his team took third in the event, and the year before that they took fourth.

While his team wasn’t able to take the first place trophy at either, Biege-Wetherbee was blown away by the experience.

“It was amazing,” Biege-Wetherbee said. “Making it all the way to the top with your friends and family against the top players is phenomenal. I can’t even describe it, it was just like ‘wow’.”

With both the regional FBU Camps and the National Championships, Biege-Wetherbee credits all of these experiences for getting him ready for an event like FBU Top Gun.

“I think it prepared me in many ways,” Biege-Wetherbee said. “It helped me dealing with some of the talent that I’ll see, and dealing with people who are a bigger size than I have, because I’ve had to do a lot of that for FBU this season.”

The 5’5, 110 pound Biege-Wetherbeen plays all over the field, anywhere from corner and safety, or running back. But, he spends most of his time in the defensive backfield, and that’s where he’ll be this week at FBU Top Gun.

“In that position, I kind of feel more at ease,” Biege-Wetherbee said. “I feel like I can handle the position better than I would safety or running back. I’m kind of used to that position a little bit more than the others.”

Being a defensive back, Biege-Wetherbee obviously has some great athleticism, but he credits his hard work for getting him to where he is today as a football player.

“What makes me good I feel like is my hard work,” Biege-Wetherbee said. “When I come out and play football, I always want to get better, so on Saturday I can just perform better and help out my team a lot.”

Now that he’s been here competing at FBU Top Gun, Biege-Wetherbee talked about things like making new friends, getting coaching, and having fun while at the event. But, above all, he has one goal that he’s looking forward too for the week.

“I’m looking forward to playing football,” Biege-Wetherbee said. “That, and the coaching. My goal is just trying to get better as a football player.”


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