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2019 Lineman Shining at 2015 FBU Top Gun

Day two at FBU Top Gun kicked off Tuesday morning in Dublin, Ohio at Dublin Jerome High School. Over 800 of the top youth players in the country came to FBU Top Gun to compete against each other in the nation’s premier youth camp. The highlight of FBU Top Gun day two came between the trenches in the class of 2019, squaring off the top offensive and defensive lineman in the country from the class of 2019. Below is a list of standout lineman from the class of 2019:

Eric Mizell- Alabaster, Alabama- Mizell had the most impressive showing of anyone on day two, showing off pure athleticism and fundamental technique. Mizell, a 6’2 225 pound defensive end from Alabaster, continuously beat his man during 1 on 1’s to earn praise from everyone at Top Gun. Mizell went head-to-head with the best of the best during one on one’s and made it look easy.

Austin Rodriguez-Spring Branch, Texas- Rodriguez, 6’2 and 250lb is an absolute load at the offensive tackle position. Native of Spring Brach, Austin Rodriguez was head and shoulders the best offensive lineman on day two in the class of 2019, winning every rep during one on one’s. Rodriguez is a combination of strength, speed, and great hands.

Logan Hagen- Brownsville, Kentucky- Hagen used his massive size and strength to send defenders in whichever direction he chose during one on one’s. Standing 6’6 and north of 300lbs, there’s little chance any lineman in the class of 2019 is going to beat him during one on one’s.

Richard Russell- Newnan, Georgia- Russell bounced back from a rocky day one with a great performance on day two. At 6’1 and 187lbs, he used his size and skillset needed to win individual drills. When keeping his head on his target, Russell is one of the best players at Top Gun.

Alex Contreras-Suwanee, Georgia- Contreras is no stranger to FBU events and today it was on display with his excellent technique and footwork. Contreras is undersized for the position, but makes up for it with quickness and athleticism. 


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