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2021 Offensive Skill Position Early Standouts at 2015 FBU Top Gun

The first full day of practice at the 2015 FBU Camp saw the skill positions get after it on the field. The class of 2021 is showing everyone, although they may be the youngest class here, they are filled with talent. There were a lot of impressive plays being made on the offensive side of the ball. The practice started with individual drills, then passing on on air for the QBs to RBs and WRs, then to one-on-one drills and finished with seven-on-seven.

Here are five of the top performers after three practice sessions:

John Griffith (QB) – Pasadena, Maryland.

Griffith throws a great ball. He shows good timing and anticipation in routes, hitting receivers before they come out their breaks. He also throws the ball with great placement and velocity.

Andrew Van Wie (QB) – Duluth, Georgia.

Van Wie has perfect touch on the ball. He throws with great accuracy and his passes come out crisp.  During routes on air and other drills, he constantly placed the ball exactly where it needed to be. He looks to have command of all the drills.

Raleek Brown (RB) – Stockton, California.

Brown does it all, and does it all very well. He shows great speed and footwork in bag drills and running routes. Brown also has great hands and shows pretty good route running. He made a great one-handed catch on an angle route, while being covered in one-on-one’s. 

J. Michael Sturdivant (WR) – Overland Park, Kansas.

Sturdivant is a big-play threat at the receiver position. He wins nearly all of the jump balls thrown his way, no matter how off target the pass may be. He made the play of the day when one pass was severely underthrown and he jumped over the defensive back for a spectacular catch. He has the most consistent hands of the group.

Hayden Conner (WR) – Katy, Texas

The 6’3, 230lb. natural tight end, is taking reps at both wide receiver and tackle at the camp.  He was moved up two classes to the 2019 (upcoming HS Freshman) group and was still one of the biggest athletes in the group. He proved to be a great target for quarterbacks as he scored a few touchdowns in seven-on-seven drills. 


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