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Top 2019 Early Offensive Performers at 2015 FBU Top Gun

Day two at FBU Top Gun kicked off Tuesday at Dublin Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio. Over 800 of the top youth players in the country came to FBU Top Gun to compete against each other in the nation’s premier youth camp. The afternoon session featured some of the top 2019 offensive players around the country competing against each other in one on one competition’s. After a positional breakdown by some of the best coaches around, the athletes put their skills to the test during 7 on 7 play. Below is a list of the 2019 offensive stars from day two.

Cesare Mellusi-Naples, Florida- Mellusi was the most explosive skill player at FBU Top Gun on day two.  The 6’0 160lb running back was a weapon on the ground and through the air, showing off all of his skills during one on one’s for multiple touchdowns. Mellusi put on a show during 7 on 7 play with an excellent vertical to grab each ball.

Zachary Calzada- Suwanee, Georgia- Calzada was accurate all day with his short passes and able to deliver the ball in a timely manner to the streaking receiver. Improving his deep ball as the day wore on; Calzada got more polished with every rep. One of the better quarterbacks to consistently find his target far and wide, Calzada put his name in a hat as one of the top field generals at Top Gun.

Tamar Campbell-Upper Malboro, Maryland- Campbell used his 5’11 and 185lb frame to high point balls over defenders during one on one’s.  The Maryland receiver didn’t stop there as he went on to score more touchdowns than any other wide out on day two.  With some of the softest hands in the class of 2019, Campbell is making a name for himself at Top Gun.

Xavier Nance- Anderson, South Carolina- Nance torched defenders all day with top end speed. He performs as a high level slot receiver that will expose mismatches trying to cover him.  While only 5’10 and 155lb, Nance made up for it in elite speed very few could catch up to.


Douglas Harrison- Branford Connecticut –A two way sensational player, Harrison took valuable reps at running back during the one on one’s and 7 on 7.  A defensive back also, Harrison was able to show off soft hands during day two to haul in several touchdowns. 


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