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2019 NYC QB Steinlauf Credits FBU Top Gun For Development

When looking at some of the talent here at FBU Top Gun, one of the first things you’ll notice is how loaded the event is at the quarterback position.

At all ages, there are quality quarterbacks from all over the country competing, each with dynamic skill sets and great quarterback minds.

While a lot of the quarterbacks are similar both athletically and with their quarterback abilities, you’ll have a tough time finding one who has done more traveling that Shane Steinlauf.

Steinlauf is a 5’10, 177 pound signal caller from New York City, and has made a name for himself by traveling all over the country to various camps and workouts. He’s here at FBU Top Gun for the third time now, and he’s also been very active in the FBU Regional scene.

“Well, I’ve been to a couple of FBU camps,” Steinlauf said. “I went to the Long Island one last year and the year before that. I’ve been to a Boston one, and I also went to one in Kansas City because I have family there.”

Gaining experience at all three, Steinlauf was able to receive some high quality coaching from the different events, and that was one of the biggest things he took away from the events.

“It went really well,” Steinlauf said. “I thought the coaching was really good, I thought the competition was also top notch. Every year I’ve went, it has always been great.”

This is Steinlauf’s third time being at FBU Top Gun, but it will only be the second time he’s actually competed in quarterback drills

The first time he got invited two years ago, Steinlauf had broken his finger about a month before the event. Due to the pain and swelling, he was only able to do agility drills.

Last year, he was finally able to compete with the other quarterbacks, and he enjoyed every second of his Top Gun experience.

“Last year, I was finally healthy,” Steinlauf said. “We got a lot of reps in and I thought the coaches were fantastic. The feel of it, it is just great all around. It was just a great experience all around.”

Given how many times he has been a part of FBU Regional camps and FBU Top Gun, there’s a definite sense of comfort with Steinlauf, and he said it’s good knowing how the event runs before going in.

“I feel a little bit better because I know what to expect and how it’s run,” Steinlauf said. “I’m still working hard to play well because the talent level there is great, so you can’t ever be too comfortable. But, I do feel a little more comfortable going in this year.”

Steinlauf’s camp experiences stretch way beyond the camps of FBU, also. He has done everything from traveling to Florida to work out at IMG Academy, to working out at the Five-Star Quarterback camp in Connecticut, but says nothing is like the FBU experience.

He’s also hit up the collegiate camp scene, attending camps and workouts at schools like Harvard, Miami, Princeton, and Rutgers. He’s enjoyed the contrast between FBU camps and collegiate, and talked about both.

“All of the college camps were great,” Steinlauf said. “I thought FBU did a lot more one-on-one and 7 on 7, and I think that’s a better way to evaluate talent in a camp setting. But, the college camps were great and it was a great experience to meet players and get college coaching.”

Steinlauf has done a lot of traveling to get to where he is today, but now that he is here at FBU Top Gun, he has a pretty simple goal that he wants to accomplish by the time he leaves Ohio.

“My goal is to be recognized as one of the top players,” Steinlauf said. “My goal is to be recognized as the top player and get invited to Eastbay.”


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