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Top 2021 Defenders Emerge at FBU Top Gun

The fourth practice session of the 2015 FBU Top Gun Camp concludes with a few defensive skill players standing out amongst the rest. The 2021 group has top athletes from all over the nation including Hawaii and Alaska.  The defensive players have received great coaching and as the FBU slogan says, “Technique plus talent beats talent alone.”

Here are five of the top defensive performers thus far:

Mario Love Jr (DB) – Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Love is by far the best player at this camp for the 2021 group. He locks down receivers from both the cornerback and safety positions. He uses his long arms to jam receivers and has the speed to match with anybody. He consistently gets the best of the top receivers and quarterbacks when thrown at during one-on-one and seven-on-seven drills.

Paul Lefkowitz (LB) – Colts Neck, New Jersey

Not only does Lefkowitz look like the prototypical college linebacker, but he plays like it as well. What makes Lefkowitz stand out is he can move in space for someone his size and check the fast running backs and slot receivers. In one-on-one drills if he gets his hands on them at the line of scrimmage, the play is all but over.

Jaeden Gould (DB) – Somerset, New Jersey

Gould proves to be skilled and versatile as he lines up at corner and safety. He has good footwork and uses his hands well at the line of scrimmage.  He gets out of his back pedal quickly, and has good recovery speed if beat on a route.

Jayden Bellamy (DB) – Freehold, New Jersey

Bellamy shows good technique when jamming receivers at the line. He has long arms and uses them very well.  He has good coverage skills while the receivers get past his jam and he always puts himself in a position to make a play on the ball.

Jackson Turner (LB) – Buford, Georgia

Turner moves pretty well for someone with his size. Typically non-contact camps aren’t for physical linebackers like himself, but he has proven he can cover in space. He runs pretty well for someone of his size. He uses his strength well when jamming receivers as he often knocks them to the ground before they can get into their route.




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