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DePaul Catholic Football Camp and Y1ACT Combine

Jun 23, 2019
DePaul Catholic High School - Wayne, New Jersey

Spend a day at this elite camp to prepare for this upcoming fall football season and learn valuable skills for a lifetime. Get tested by the gold standard of combine testing - the Y1ACT- provided by Youth1. Attend our recruiting seminar, as only Youth1 can offer, as an unbiased observer in youth sports. We know what it takes to get to where you want to be better than anyone.  Learn how to maximize your Y1ACT scores and what you NEED to do to get started in the recruiting process right away. Finally, round out the day with hands on skills and position specific training provided by the coaches staff of one of the country's top football powerhouses: DePaul Catholic.


DePaul Catholic Head Coach John McKenna is excited to be leading his football staff on the DePaul High School Campus for this elite camp; it's where all the magic happens! Experience what it could be like to be coached by the talented staff of this incredible caliber high school football program as you play for them for a day! They're winners for a reason. You need to experience a day in the cleats of a football player on this campus to see for yourself exactly why.  It's an experience of a lifetime for a middle school player. Don't miss out!


Top performers will be selected by a camp committee* to win a FREE ticket to a NEXTGEN All American Camp/Showcase in 2020! (New Jersey Location - TBA)  *All decisions made by the Camp Committee are FINAL)


Open to grades 5-8 as of 2019 school year. (Class of 2027, 2026, 2025, 2024)  All positions welcome!

Camp Schedule:


How fast are you? How strong are you for your size? How far can you jump?  Take the Y1ACT and measure your athleticism.

Provide coaches, scouts and recruiters with solid metrics they can trust! Youth1 provides the only Nationally Certified Scores and Power Index that can be directly compared to players from middle school, high school in our Leaderboard. See how you compare to the NFL pros - we use the same equipment as the NFL Combine! Get your scores delivered on your Youth1 Player Profile and maximize your exposure. The Y1ACT concentrates on measuring Body Composition, Muscular Strength, Power, Speed and Agility via these specific metrics:

40 Yard Dash

5-10-5 Shuttle

Standing Broad Jump

Vertical Jump

Power Index

The Y1ACT is brought to you by Youth1, the authority in youth sports & Sport Testing, and the gold standard of combine testing. Get measured by the best to be the best.

*All athletes will be required to wear a soft helmet.  Either bring your own or you can purchase a Gamebreaker Youth1 soft helmet here. 


DePaul Catholic Football Camp, Y1ACT Combine & Recruiting Seminar Preview

DePaul Catholic Football is teaming up with Youth1 Sports to host a Y1ACT Combine, Camp, and recruiting seminar on June 23, 2019 on the beautiful campus of DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne, NJ...