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College Recruiting Wizard

Recruiting Wizard is a cutting edge tool that empowers YOU to navigate the recruiting process.

Get the most user friendly and comprehensive recruiting tool on the market for just $197.

Coach Mike Zalcman.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with thousands of student athletes and their families regarding their desire to play their sport in college. Choosing “the right fit college” to send their children is one of the biggest decisions (and most expensive) a family will ever face. Helping families navigate through that conversation has been an EYE-OPENING experience and I’m grateful to all the families who have trusted me to help guide them through that process.

Find the best college matches for you

Which schools are the best fit based on your unique interests, sport, test scores, and scholarships available? We make it simple and easy.

Message college coaches

Take charge of your recruiting. Once you narrow down your top schools we'll make connecting with the coaches possible!

Search and save your favorite schools

Recruiting is a journey. As you move through the process you'll need a simple way to keep track of all communications with your favorite schools and coaches. Recruiting Wizard has the secret!

Stay organized with an activity log and tasklist

The big question is always "What's Next?" You'll love what we've done to keep you on track.

Promote your academic and athletic achievements directly to right coaches

You've done the hard part. Now it's time to get credit with the people that really matter.

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More features to help you get recruited

On average College Recruiting Services will cost you $1500