Battle in Rocky Top National Championship | Youth1

Battle in Rocky Top National Championship
Nov 16, 2018
Knoxville, Tennessee

The premier post season youth football tournament in all of America. If you like well ran, well organized, well respected and professionally done football tournaments then look no further because this is the one for you and your team. This has turned into like the "National Tournament" for youth football, with well over 20 states expected to be represented and more than 300 teams, you see why. Some events will call their tournaments "National" but when only two or three states are there its not a true "National" tournament, that's more like a tri-state championship. There are only a few good national tournaments out there and this is one of them. This event is for every type of team, league champion, playoff contender and even teams w/ losing records will attend to reward there kids for the hardwork and sacrifice. We feel like to have a "National Tournament" we want to see who the best regular season team is unlike most tournaments which allow you to show up with whomever. In most age divisions for this event we have two divisions per age group (American & National) to help separate the talent levels. This helps make things more competitive and let's the unbeaten's of the world play against each other and the 3-5 teams of the world play against each other. We highly encourage you bring your "Regular Season" team because those are the teams we give the most careful consideration too when determining what divison you fall in and who all is in your bracket. We now have a division for teams who "ADD" players to their roster, we don't RECOMMEND this but we know in some cases every player can't attend the tournament and there are holes to fill on your roster if you add ONE player you fall in the "add-on"roster division. There is NO way to properly seed the teams who add players but we will do our best. Again, we highly recommend coming with your regular season team as those are WHO WE LOOK OUT FOR when doing the schedules. We take great pride in our tournament in properly placing the regular season teams. 

We have a very friendly atmosphere with some great competition at the Battle In Rocky Top and everyone can see the relaxing lifestyle we live in Knoxville, TN. There is plenty to do while in Knoxville at either no cost to you and your team or at a very affordable cost to you and your team.