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Youth1's top 5 moments for basketball in 2017

2017 is coming to an end, it was a year filled with crazy crossovers, big time dunks and NBA range three pointers. There were a lot of new kids who burst on the middle school hoops scene, while others cemented their status as elite. With 2018 right around the corner lets take a look back at some of the best highlights from 2017.

5) Collin Porter makes a name for himself at D-Rich

Showcases are a great opportunity for relatively unknown players to gain exposure on a national level. The Kentucky-native did exactly that at D-Rich TV’s camp this year turning heads with some flashy passes. His passing was impressive but just his overall feel for the game was evident; Porter is a very interesting prospect worth monitoring in the class of 2023 moving forward.

4) Zion Harmon balls out yet again

Zion Harmon is one of those kids whose name has been on the basketball scene since he was in 6th grade. Everyone is aware of his talent and if you aren’t all you have to do is watch anyone of his highlight tapes to get the idea. Who knows what the future holds for Zion but it is always fun watching him ball wherever he goes.

3) Chris Livingston and Emoni Bates duel at MSHTV Showcase

Livingston and Bates are two of the best prospects in the 2022 class and have serious division I potential. So when the two of them faced off at the MSHTV Showcase it was a must watch matchup. The two did not disappoint, Livingston finished with a game high 53 points, while Bates finished with 41. I’m confident that there will be plenty of highlights from these two in 2018.


2) Lebron coaching his sons AAU Team

Lebron James Jr. plays for the North Coast Blue Chips; he is a very interesting prospect and has some serious game. He plays a lot like his father, very good passer, good handle and can score when he wants, it’s more than likely that he’s going to grow as well. While this isn’t his best highlight mix, there is something funny/interesting watching Lebron coaching his son’s team up. The guy is clearly a basketball junkie and just cannot get enough of the game at all levels.

1) Jaythan Bosch sends NEO Camp into frenzy

Storming the court is one of the best traditions in basketball, whether it is after a game winning shot or crazy highlight real play, it is something that gets everybody hyped. So when Jaythan Bosch answered Julian Newman’s challenge you could kind of see it coming. Julian is usually on the giving end of ankle-breaking crossovers but this time Bosch (who was unknown at the time) got the better of Julian on multiple occasions. It was his double crossover where he blew past Julian, then made another defender almost fall down and finally burying the shot that sent the crowd absolutely crazy. It was one of those moments that shut the camp down for a couple of minutes.  


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