Lebron James Jr. puts on a show at John Lucas All-Star Weekend | Youth1

Lebron James Jr. puts on a show at John Lucas All-Star Weekend

Lebron James Jr. is at it again... this weekend the 13-year old produced more insane highlights at the John Lucas All-Star Weekend. 

James Jr. is growing up in front of the whole world much like his father, he continues to get better every time we see him on the court. James Jr. handle is ridiculous for a middle schooler, he is also an amazing facilitator similar to his father. It's difficult not to compare the two on the court but one thing James Jr. seems to have on his father is his ability to shoot the ball. Lebron has been on the record saying his son is a more advanced shooter than him at that age. 

James Jr. is only in 7th grade but is already one of the most coveted recruits in college basketball. He reportedly has multiple division I offers already including Duke and Kentucky. 

He still has awhile before college but until then enjoy the highlights.  


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