2024 Kadon Fossett looking to make a name for himself on summer circuit | Youth1

2024 Kadon Fossett looking to make a name for himself on summer circuit

Kadon Fossett is a 14-year old guard from Gaithersburg, Maryland. In his latest season playing for Springdale Preparatory School he averaged 19 points, 6 steals and 3 assists per game for his JV squad. He also plays his AAU ball for the MD Hurricanes.

Fossett has a big summer coming up, as he will be attending multiple showcases and tournaments including the Adidas Jr. Gauntlet, NGS Hardwood Classic and the Hoop Group Show Down.

The DMV area is known for producing great basketball talent. The competition is always fierce and it is easy to get left behind, this is why Fossett is constantly working to improve his game.

On the court Fossett likes to play fast and aggressive, he tries to model his game after Murray State guard Ja Morant. Another player he tries to mimic is San Antonio Spurs shooting guard DeMar Derozan.

“I really admire his style of play, he is the best player on that team and a great leader.” Said Fossett.

Fossett has a good overall game but realizes he will have to keep improving if he wants to play at the next level. 

“I want to be an elite jump shooter and have great handles, I am also always working on my defense and finishing from tough angles around the rim.” Fossett Said.

In the future Fossett dreams of becoming a McDonald’s All-American and one day leading his school to a state championship. He would ultimately like to play his college ball at North Carolina because of the program’s tradition and coach Roy Williams.

Fossett may only be in 7th grade but he is focused on all the right things when it comes to being a young athlete. These next two years will be crucial in his development but going against the top competition in his area will only make him tougher by the time he gets to high school.


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