John Mobley Jr, Mikkel Tyne & Tayshawn Bridges headline class of 2024 at 2018 MSHTV Camp | Youth1

John Mobley Jr, Mikkel Tyne & Tayshawn Bridges headline class of 2024 at 2018 MSHTV Camp

The MSHTV Camp is known for hosting some of the most talented youth basketball players in the nation. Players in the 3rd grade all the way through high school are under the same roof trying to make a name for themselves.

This year is no different, especially in the class of 2024, below are some of the top players from that class heading into the 2018 MSHTV Camp.

Tayshawn Bridges- Guard

Bridges is a 5’11 guard from Milwaukee who most recently won MVP at the 2018 D-Rich Camp. Bridges possess both elite size and athleticism for someone his age; he uses these tools to dominate defenders in all facets of the game. Offensively he can score from all three levels and defensively he can lock down anybody on the court. He looks to continue his dominant play this upcoming weekend in Westfield, Indiana.

John Mobley Jr.- Guard

John Mobley Jr. has been attending the MSHTV Camp since he was 10 years old. The now 7th grader has gained a lot of viral recognition since then. Mobley Jr. is a flashy player who can freeze defenders with his handle, he also has a knock down jumper off the dribble making him lethal on offense. Mobley Jr. is known for creating highlights so don’t be surprised when they end up on YouTube.  

Mikkel Tyne- Guard

Tyne is widely considered the best player in the class of 2024 by scouts, coaches and media. His aggressive style of play along with his ability to attack the basket and finish through contact is Russell Westbrook-esque. Having the skill set is one thing but matching that with a killer mentality truly makes this kid special.


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