Jaelon Davis Germany is a 4th grade phenom with serious skill | Youth1

Jaelon Davis Germany is a 4th grade phenom with serious skill

Jaelon Davis Germany is a 10-year old point guard from Irving, Texas. The 4th grade phenom has become a viral sensation and is turning heads all around the country with his style of play.

Germany already has enough accolades to last him all the way to high school. He has been named MVP at multiple camps including the 2017 West Coast Elite Jr. All American Camp and 2018 Future 150 DFW Showcase 12 & under.

Coast2Coast Preps, NABA Hoops Preps, TheRankUp.com and Naismith National Youth All American all also nationally rank him in the class of 2026.

Ranking and evaluating a 10-year old may be a little extreme to some people but not Germany, at the age of 10 he has already found a passion in his life that drives him to work hard every single day. He has big time hoop aspirations and realizes the dedication it takes to achieve those kinds of dreams.

“I train with pro trainers Lucky Legends Training for speed and agility, for ball handling and shooting I train with Team Ryan Bennett and for strength and resistance training I work with Got Body Elite.” Said Germany.

Germany works this hard now because he wants to achieve the admirable goals he has set for himself.

“In the upcoming season I want to win an AAU Championship.” Germany said. “Down the road I want to be a McDonalds All American and win states.”

 When you watch Germany play it is easy to see his high level of skill even at the age of 10. His ball handling ability is better than most middle schoolers already and he has a great feel for the game. He can get to the basket and finish or find the open man. He is also a sniper from beyond the arc, whether it is knocking down shots off the dribble or spotting up.

Germany will be competing later this year in the 2018 Elite Basketball Circuit Jr. All American Camp in Anaheim, California and the Coast2Coast Last Run Tournament in Dallas, Texas. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he brought home a couple more MVP awards after it’s all said and done.


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