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Elijah Redfern is a 2024 guard with smooth handles

Elijah Redfern is an 11-year old from Lester, West Virginia. Although Redfern is young don’t let that fool you, he has some serious game.

For a young player Redfern’s biggest strength is his ball handling. Dribbling is especially important at a young age because it is the fundamental skill in which your whole game is built around. Redfern has shown the ability to dribble, drive and get off his shot anytime he wants too.  

On the court Redfern tries to model his game after Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant.

“I feel like I am position-less on the court because I can do a little bit of everything.” Said Redfern. “I try to be like KD because of his aggressiveness on both ends of the floor.”

In his latest season playing for his AAU team the West Virginia Wildcats Redfern averaged 17 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists per game. He also stood out at both the MSHTV Showcase and DRich TV’s camp.


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In the future Redfern plans on playing high school ball and would like to play his college ball at Duke. While high school and college are still pretty far in the future for Redfern it never hurts to have big goals.

Redfern is also aware that he has to continue to grow as a player; he knows what areas of his game need to be more polished.

“You can always get better at everything but I need to work on my defense and jump shot specifically.”

Be sure to keep an eye out for Redfern as the season progresses, he plans on making a bigger name for himself at a bunch of different showcases throughout the year.

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