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D-Rich TV Camp highlights and standout performers

This past weekend in Akron, Ohio D-Rich TV held a camp for some of the best young basketball talent in the country. The crop of players who showed up did not disappoint, there were plenty of highlights and buckets to go around. It is always good for up and coming players to play against high-level competition, a camp like this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and truly evaluate your game.

Below are some of the players who stood out at the D-Rich TV Camp, and are certainly names to look for in the near future.

Emoni Bates- 2022- Forward

Bates has been viral for about two years now, his name is well known on the youth basketball scene and the hype is real. His nickname is baby KD for a good reason; the kid is almost 7-feet tall and has the skill set of a point guard. He is only going to get bigger, stronger and faster, if he continues to work hard he will surely be playing division I basketball.



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LeBron James Jr- 2023- Point Guard

It is hard not to mention LeBron James when it comes to Akron basketball. LeBron James Jr is doing his best to create his own path and not live in his fathers shadow. Although that is going to be a tough thing to do, James Jr has certainly let his game to the talking. He has shown great playmaking ability at the point guard position, along with the ability to score when he needs to. We know basketball is in his blood; it will be interesting to see how he develops moving forward.    

Elijah Fischer- 2023- Guard

Their used to be a time when a 7th grader dunking came as a surprise, nowadays it seems to happen every month. Fischer is one of those young prospects with such great athleticism and potential, that he sticks out whenever he is playing. Putting Fischer and LeBron James Jr on the same team is unfair; these two put on a show this past weekend.

Collin Porter- 2023- Point Guard

One of the best things about any of these big camps or showcases is the unknown factor. There are so many different players from different places; somebody unheard of is going to step up into the spotlight. At the D-Rich camp this past weekend that player was Collin Porter. Porter impressed coaches, scouts and opposing players with his quickness, handles and passing. He definitely made a name for himself and is no longer on that list of unknown talent.


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