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Combine testing becoming more popular in youth sports

The benefits of combine testing have been valuable on the collegiate and professional levels for quite some time now. Athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB or NCAA athletes have always benefited from having some sort of athletic measurement baseline.

That measurement is starting to become more normalized in high school and middle school sports.  

Recruiting and athletics continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In today’s world the Internet has given athletes a platform they did not have in the past. Camera phones, social media and highlight videos have given athletes a voice in their own recruitment. Scouts and coaches have recognized this and are using these tools to the best of their abilities in an effort to find talent.

All of these changes, along with the specialization of youth sports have led to athletes being recognized at a younger age.

Taking all of these things into consideration it is no surprise that younger athletes are more prone to taking athletic competency tests.

When an athlete is tested at a younger age it provides a great initial reference point for that athlete to improve upon. From this starting point an athlete can identify their strengths and weaknesses, monitor their progress, set goals and have realistic expectations.

It also prepares young athletes for taking these kinds of tests. Testing environments can be crazy, especially in the college and professional ranks. Having experience and poise in these situations can go a long way, especially later on in an athlete’s career.

If you are a young athlete looking to be tested check out upcoming events for the Y1ACT. The Y1ACT is the only universal combine test with standardized measurement across 5 key athletic performance metrics. Your total score indicates how you measure up vs. athletes across the entire nation.


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