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Ashwin Upadhyaya looking to make huge improvements over the summer

Ashwin Upadhyaya is a 15-year old point guard from Chantilly, Virginia. Upadhyaya just finished up his freshman season at Freedom High School and is getting ready for the summer.

“I plan on attending the Hoop Group Academic Elite Camp in July.” Said Upadhyaya. “I also plan on attending elite prospect camps such as the Princeton Elite Camp and American University’s Camp.”

Upadhyaya is a traditional pass first point guard who gets his teammates involved while creating open shots for himself as well. He likes to play up-tempo and use his quickness to his advantage, getting past defenders and finishing at the rim. He tries to model his game after NBA guards Kyrie Irving, Dennis Smith Jr. and Chris Paul.

“Kyrie because of his handles and ability to finish, Chris Paul for his ability to get his teammates open looks.” Said Upadhyaya. “My favorite player in the league right now though would have to be Dennis Smith Jr., his competitive nature and explosiveness make him fun to watch and he is from Virginia as well.”    

This summer Upadhyaya wants to work on improving his range and jump shot, he also wants become stronger and more athletic. He knows if he wants to play like the players he looks up too, he is going to have to put in a lot of hard work.

“On weekdays I get up at 6 A.M. to go lift at my local gym. After school I go work on basketball skills or go to my AAU practice.” Said Upadhyaya. “On weekends when I am not playing in tournaments I am working out with my skill trainers Pat The Roc, Dylan Crane and Curtis Symonds.”

In the future Upadhyaya would like to play his college ball at a school known for academics and athletics.

“I want to make sure that I can have a career outside of basketball.” Said Upadhyaya. “I don’t have any offers yet but I have received some interest from a couple of division I schools like Princeton and American University.”

Upadhyaya has big summer ahead of him, it will be interesting to see the improvements he makes heading into his sophomore season.


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