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MSHTV Showcase Day 2 Recap

Sunday was the last day for the young athletes at the MiddleSchoolHoops Showcase to make a name for themselves. The doors opened at 8 o’clock in the morning and everyone got right back to work.

The day started with more games on all six courts simultaneously. Today’s games seemed to have a better flow and a little more team emphasis. Learning to play with a completely new team is difficult for both players and coaches. Both the players and coaches seemed to make the adjustment and let their talent shine.

Around 1 o’clock the day got really interesting as four participants got ready for a dunk contest and put on show for the whole camp. Kyree Walker and Tayson Parker went back and forth throwing down some dunks that would pass in the NBA dunk contest. It was ultimately Kyree who won the contest by jumping over 2020 six-footer Jeremy Baker.

The day ended with three all-star games between the top 20 players in each grade. Below are the players selected to each team for their respective grade.

2020-Team Green- Julian Newman, Adam Miller, Demon Clowney, Tayson Parker, Joe Bamasile, Cameron Bryant, Harry Lackey, KT Raimey, Mike Saunders and Keece Brown.

2020-Team Pink- Kyree Walker, Zion Harmon, Hunter Jackson, Reggie Perry TJ Reels, DJ Steward, Jeremy Baker, Spencer Bain, Quincy Akposi.

2021-Team Green- Ryan Conway, Garrison Powell, Meechie Johnson, Kennedy, Chadler, Chris Hodges, Camden Brown, JJ Haris Luke Brown, Wilfredo Amaro Cory Curtis Jr.

2021- Team Pink- Tahron Allen, Pierre Brooks II, Kyle Ross, DJ Huges, Keon Henderson, Michael Eley, Juan Reyna, Keyon Menifield, Willy Breadley, Glenn Bynum Jr.

2022- Team Green- Bryce Griggs, Sonny Johnson Jr, Kamari Lands, Christian Moore, Chris Livingston, Giovanni Goree, Khalil Luster, Tookey Wigington, Marcus Farley Jr and Dior Connors.

2022- Team Pink- Amauri Bailey, Robert Martin, Ty Rodgers, Emoni Bates, Dee Morton, Barrington Hargress, Ben Shtolzberg, Dylan Glover, Tayshwan Cormer and Avian Bowen-Webb.

2023-2025- Team Green- Elijah Fisher, Jacovey Campbell, Jerry Easter, Chandler Davis, Blake Hocker, Roddy Gayman III, Ashton Williamson, Dominique Murphy and Jackson Wors.

2023-2025- Team Pink- Jayden Nicholson, Samartine Bogues, John Mobley Jr, Adisa Molton, Tydius Summers, CJ Thomas, Marcus Johnson Jr, Keyonta Menifield and DJ Dormu.   

Overall it was a very successful weekend for everyone involved. The players got to compete against the toughest competition in the nation while the spectators got to witness great basketball. Hopefully next year brings the same excitement and a new crop of young ballers. 

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