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13U Broward Sharks build momentum with strong 2017 campaign

The 13U Broward Sharks recently wrapped up another sensational season.


The South Florida based travel basketball team captured plenty of top finishes while the players experienced vast personal development.


The Sharks compiled a 51-14 overall record in 2017, while winning the Holiday Slamfest and AAU Screw Cancer tournaments.


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The Sharks also were the runner-up in four tournaments, including the SFYBA Slamfest, Back 2 School and US Amateur State Championship.


The Sharks competed in tournaments for the US Amateur League, AAU, and Bigfoot Tournament Series, as they averaged 60 points per game and allowed 44 points per game.


Sharks head coach Geoffrey Sprouse was proud of the way his team competed and cited chemistry as one of the main factors for their achievements.


The majority of the Sharks’ roster has been intact since the second grade.


“They did excellent,” Sprouse said. “Honestly more than anything else it was the cohesiveness of the team.”


With the Sharks heading into their eighth grade year, Sprouse and his assistant coach Sean Cadogan are hard at work ramping up their efforts to provide the team with a glimpse of the high school scene.


The Sharks coaching staff plans to earmark between 6-8 out of state tournaments for next season.


“The goal is to play more tournaments out of state and in the live period. We want the kids to see and associate themselves with how NCAA coaches are recruiting kids,” Sprouse said. “We want them to get exposed to other talent in order for them to get better.”


Here’s Sprouse take on how each player performed this season:


Geoffrey Sprouse (quote by Sean Cadogan)


“As far as his play on the court this season I think his outside shot has gotten a lot more consistent from a greater range. His greatest development was in his leadership. I didn’t see any times when he got flustered. He always maintained his intensity and positivity. Last season he would kind of get down when the team is losing. He’s improved the mental aspect of his game."


C.J. Cason


“He’s vastly improved. He may have seemed underrated for what he did but he did so much for the team. He was a huge asset in terms of a lot of things we did this year. Him being comfortable in his role was very beneficial. He’s been with us since the third grade and he’s gone through some ups and downs. Now he’s comfortable with what he can do. He was excellent.”


Terphil Bien-Aime


“His defensive game has always been there. However, he’s added an offensive game to it. Being a point guard it’s being more aware of what’s around him, which is actually makes him even more special. Offensively, he has grown with his outside shot and being able to take the ball to the hole.”


Femin Akinwole


“He’s stepped up his game in terms of being a great one-on-one player. He’s able to know when to take his defender off the dribble and either pass or score in the lane. That has given us a tremendous help in terms of when teams play man defense. He’s also a great defender in man-to-man.”


Matthew Cadogan


“He’s came on as one of our leading scorers from the 3-point line. Towards the end of the season he was one of our leading shot blockers and shot defenders. That was a huge asset to the team. He was able to expand his game beyond his outside shooting.”


Jaylen Carey


“He has improved tremendously on his ferociousness on the defensive side by knowing how to move his feet and intimidate the opposing player into changing their shot. His defensive prowess lowered players’ abilities to convert around the basket. He’s learning how to use his size to his advantage. For a big guy he has some of the best footwork that I’ve seen.”


Cameron Johnson


“He was a great shot blocker, rim protector and rebounder. This year, he’s developed his mid range jump shot that is far beyond most seventh graders that I’ve seen. He’s understanding where and how to pick his spots in the soft portion of the defense to be able to take shots. That’s a craft that most kids nowadays don’t want to work on [mid range]. That was huge for him.”


Norris Crawford


“From last year to this year he’s gotten much stronger, faster and quicker. He’s a huge asset on fast breaks, rebounding and getting out in the open floor. He can create for himself and for the teammates around him. His athleticism has helped propel us to some victories.”


Ron Celestine


“He is very good offensively. Our goal this year was actually to make sure he can gain the trust of his teammates. It’s a long process but when that happens your game starts to open up a lot.”


Isaac Pierre


“Isaac is very athletic. He’s very strong, big and fast. He’s still very raw but I can only see good things for him going forward.”


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