Louisiana Tigers Roar to the Top of 14-Major Points Rankings | Youth1

Louisiana Tigers Roar to the Top of 14-Major Points Rankings

We’ve been tracking the best youth baseball teams in the 12U, 13U and 14U Major divisions based on USSSA’s points rankings. Last month we took a closer look at the squads in the top-5 at the 14U level and today we’re checking back in to see how the latest five teams stack up and to highlight recent their accomplishments.

  1. Louisiana Tigers: The Tigers (pictured) moved from No.3 last month to the top spot based on two impressive showings this month. At the Governor’s Games XX Select30 Super NIT, they finished 3-2 and in second place. They followed that up with a USSSA Baseball State Championship while outscoring opponents 38-14. The Baton Rouge-based Tigers are now 30-9-3 overall, including an excellent 23-8-3 record In Class. Manager Leo McClure’s team will be a dangerous group this summer in any bracket they decide to enter.
  2.  365 Shockers Black: The Shockers, from Studio City, California, slide one spot back. They are the model of consistency, part of the reason they are so high on this list. In the six USSSA tournaments they’ve entered in 2018, the Shockers have finished in no worse than third place. During that time they’ve won three tournaments, including a Select30 Super NIT in January. The Shockers have an impressive overall record of 39-9-4.
  3. BN Mavericks- Perez: The Mavericks are a new team to the top-5 this month, and rightfully so – they’ve been on fire. Earlier this month they won the USSSA Global World Series- Gulf Shores with a 6-2 overall record. A week prior they finished as runners up in the Icy Breeze State Championship. Perhaps the biggest indicator of this team’s quality is their 26-8 In Class record. Manager Ben Montgomery’s team will be back in action this weekend at the Moneyball Tournament in McKinney, Texas.
  4. TEST Baseball- Tully: Test Baseball (Boerne, Texas) moves back to the No.4 spot from last month’s second slot. They’ve been quiet in USSSA play of late, as their last tournament action came in late May at the Icy Breeze CTX Super NIT. In that action they finished in first with a 3-0 record. Test Baseball is 10 games over .500 against In Class foes, 16-6 and hold those teams to under three runs per game on average.
  5. Phoenix Yaquis: The Yaquis are also a newcomer to this ranking, and boy have they been active in USSSA competition. They’ve participated in four USSSA tournaments in May and June, winning the State Championships and most recently finishing in second at the All Night Woody Qualifier. Cisco Valenzuela’s team is a very respectable 43-25 overall but are a few games under .500 In Class.

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