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Florida Teams Dominate 12U Major USSSA Points Standings

Last month we took a look at the top 5 12U-Major teams on the early-season USSSA point standings. Today we revisit the standings to see which teams are hot and claimed a spot of their own in the top five nationwide.

  1. Central Florida Select: The team based in Orlando, Florida jumped from outside the top five to the number one overall spot and it’s not hard to see why. Since the latest rankings check-in, the Select won both the Florida West Coast State Championship and the Florida East Coast State Championship in April going 9-0 combined. They followed those two titles up with a runner up finish at the Space Coast Spring Classic Select 30 Super NIT. Manager Michael Smalley’s team has a 42-3 overall record, including 26-3 In Class. This team has established itself as one of the best in the entire country.
  2. MVP Elite: MVP Elite stayed in its exact spot as last month. They played in two tournaments since the last rankings and came in second place in one and won the other – all despite not technically losing a game. They finished in second at the rain-shortened Florida East Coast State Championship after narrowly “losing” by tiebreaker (runs allowed). They went on to crush qualifier competition earlier this month at the USSSA Weston Spring Classic by going 4-0 overall and outscoring opponents 47-14. They are one of the finest programs in the country and this team has a 54-6-1 record.
  3. Hustle 12U Premier: The lone Texas team in the top 5, Hustle Premier shot up these rankings by virtue of their play in three recent tournaments. They won the Cajun Classic XXXIX and Golden Triangle Games Super NIT. They didn’t disappoint at the Twin City Shootout Super NIT either finishing in second place, 4-1 overall. The team based in Texas City, sports a 42-10 overall record, including 22-6 In Class.
  4. Kachi Power: Kachi Power stays in its exact spot as last month, just like MVP Elite. Since last ranking, they’ve challenge themselves at three competitive tournaments and did lose three games overall. But they finished in second place at the Alligator Alley Challenge Super NIT and registered 7 wins in those three tournaments. Kachi Power (Miami, Florida) are 39-16-3 overall.
  5. Hitmen Ultra: Manager Creag Harry’s team from Boca Raton jumped into the top-5 after going 8-1 overall in two tournaments. They finished in third at the Florida East Coast State Championship but followed that up with a title at last month’s ultra-competitive Space Coast Spring Classic. They went 5-0 throughout the weekend and outscored opponents 49-9! The Hitmen Ultra are 46-11 overall, including 22-7 In Class.

These are five of the finest 12-Major baseball teams in the country. Check back soon as we continue to update these rankings throughout the season.


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