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Every player is different: UP17's approach to personalized coaching

At UP17, parents and players often ask if we have a standard way of teaching hitting or pitching. The best answer to that question is: “No.” Each baseball player is different – they are humans, not robots. Players come in different shapes and sizes with different athletic abilities and different approaches to the game. One key to effective coaching is avoiding trying to turn players into something they aren’t.


At UP17 we first analyze players to determine their strengths and potential weaknesses, then put a plan together to maximize their ability. This is something all coaches should do and, in fact, strive to accomplish every season. It is important to realize that a five-foot 14-year-old hitter shouldn’t be swinging like his best friend who is six feet tall. This isn’t a bad thing at all – everyone has an important role on a team and can find success in that role.


Coaches, please remember this: It is great to have guidelines for a swing that all successful hitters execute (including good bat path, balance, strong base, minimal head movement, etc.), but know that there are different ways to accomplish them. One drill could work great for one player, but not for the next. One phrase might click for your shortstop, but not your centerfielder.


If you are interested in working on your game and improving your hitting or pitching mechanics with help from a former Major Leaguer, please contact us and ask about a free consultation.


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