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(Youth1) – After spending 12 years in the construction and real estate industry, Kundy Gutierrez decided to turn onto a new path and follow his true passion of becoming a large contributor to the youth baseball world. In a very short time, Gutierrez has set the foundation for a “legendary” youth baseball organization, with help from an actual baseball legend.


The Baseball Legends (TBL) is a company built around educating and supporting the growth of youth athletes and adults in the United States and Mexico. It was created in 2008 by Gutierrez when he reconnected with his Amateur and Professional baseball roots after spending over a decade working for one of the largest real estate companies in the United States. He offered opportunities to Minor League Players and 40 Man Roster players placement in the Winter League Games in areas such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. In addition, with the help of his former Travel Ball coach and current TBL manager James Bishop, Gutierrez started to run his own tournaments, camps, and clinics in the Los Angeles Market. This is when TBL began to take off, as its founder found himself teaming up with one of Major League Baseball’s greats.



“[The Baseball Legends] gave me the opportunity to give back to the game that gave me success in life,” replied Gutierrez. “Not to mention the opportunity to partner up with one of baseball’s great home run sluggers, Cecil Fielder.”


Yes, Cecil Fielder: The 13-year professional baseball player who was best known for his ability to tear the stitching off of a baseball with one swing of his bat. Fielder was a three-time All-Star, a World Series Champion, and a two-time winner of the Silver Slugger award. Now, he is the Co-Owner and Managing Member of The Baseball Legends, an organization that he feels is the perfect place for him to be a part of.


“My passion for the game of baseball has given me numerous opportunities from college education, playing International Baseball, playing in Major League, and managing an Independent League,” commented Fiedler. “Now is the time for me to give back to the community my knowledge and experience in the game of baseball.”


Together, Fiedler and Gutierrez have given baseball athletes another prestigious organization to play for, most notably for youth. The very first TBL tournament was the Cecil Fielder Winter Classic back in 2008, which catered to the nation’s top 18U baseball teams and took place at the MLB Urban Youth Academy in Compton, California. Since then, TBL has relocated to Yuma, Arizona and has expanded its youth division from 18U down to the 7U age group. Gutierrez believes that TBL now has the ability to provide for the younger athletes in the best way possible.


“We offer a great spring training complex that was used by the San Diego Padres up until 1993,” said Gutierrez. “Still to this date they have the same ground crew that took care of the facility as well as their local parks that adapted to all the age groups we run from 7U-18U.”


With a suitable field to run youth tournaments, the two owners decided to turn it up a notch and create one of the more competitive youth baseball events in the world: The Cecil Fielder Elite World Series. This World Series event, which is highlighted by regular appearances from Cecil Fielder himself, gives the nation’s best teams from 7U up to 18U the opportunity to play against international teams. In the past, the Cecil Fielder Elite World Series has hosted international teams from Mexico, Canada, Australia, Korea, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Through the World Series, Gutierrez hopes to contribute to each team’s development by pitting them against groups outside of their respective areas.


“This provides the opportunity for USA teams to play at least one game against an international team as well as playing teams from different USA markets, not teams from the same area they came from,” commented Gutierrez.


The flagship tournament of TBL is attended by many of Cecil Fielder’s former and current MLB acquaintances, giving Arizona another reason to be one of the summer’s hottest areas. The event itself plays with a professional feel to it, distributing numerous awards to the tournaments best performers. Such awards include the MVP, Best Hitter, Best Pitcher, the Gold Glove, and the Home Run Derby Champ.


Gutierrez’s prestigious organization has done wonders for the youth baseball community in only four years. From providing free youth baseball clinics with Cecil Fielder around the country to hosting one of the largest World Series events in the sport, this is indeed a baseball company of legend.




By Kris Hunte

“Devoted to Youth Sports”







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