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Famous surgeon, Dr. James Andrews says don't play baseball year round

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinal, orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews spoke out against specialization, while hammering home the message of sports medicine doctors to "keep kids on the playing field and out of the operating room."

Andrews attended Florida Hospital Orlando to take part in their Destinguished Lecture Series, where according to the Sentinel he stated that "youth sports are the leading cause of adolescent injuries, with 3.5 million children under hte age of 14 being treated for sports-related injuries annually. (Orlando Sentinel)

This does not mean that kids should stop playing sports or that parents should be any less enthusiastic about sending their kids onto the practice or game field. It does however, allow for conversation about how parents and athletes can avoid problems, especially when it comes to little league.

"To prevent injuries in youth sports it's basically common sense...I have parents tell me 'my son's been pitching since he was six' and that's too young." 

He also reccommends avoiding playing baseball year round.

Andrews is the team doctor for Auburn University and the Washington Redskins who performs up to 50 surgeries a week and has operated on athletes like Peyton and Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan and more. 



Watch interview at OrlandoSentinel.com


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