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William Tejada jr

William Tejada jr

  • Philadelphia , PA
  • 2005
  • 5' 3''
  • 115
  • 2023
  • 13 Profile Views
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Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
I hope to one day make sure I make my mom proud, I always worked hard as an under dog, but never really got to show my true talents therefore any opportunity thrown my way I will make sure I do work hard enough to be able to accomplish i.
My Individual Season Goal
This season I’m with a new team, known as the Stagnation “Ducks”, the difference from this team and the team I played with last year is that last year I was playing with a D3 team and this year playing D1, but overall this year I just want to make sure I get my name out there and bring more opportunities to the table for me!!
About me
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