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  • Windham, NH
  • 2005
  • 5' 7''
  • 225
  • 2024
  • Football
  • Running Back
  • 1489 Profile Views
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Scouting Report

An is hard running back with great size. He hits the hole hard and runs through defenders, as he makes his way downfield. At 5'6" 212 lbs., An moves very well when running with the ball. For a back with his size, An is light on his feet and agile getting around defenders. When he gets the ball in his arms he's great at keeping his legs churning upon contact. He runs hard until he reaches the endzone.

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  • Year
  • 2017
    Player Of The Day - UNH Football Camp
  • 2016
    Player Of The Day - UNH Football Camp
  • 2016
    Patriots Camp U-Mass Lowell Player Of The Week
  • 2016
    Virgina Beach Youth Bowl Offensive Player Award
  • 2017
    Team Captain Windham Wolverines Football Team
  • 2016
    NH Youth All-Star Team
  • 2018

Badges of accomplishment


School Name HS Graduation GPA
Windham middle school 2024 3.3

College of Interest

Goals and about me

My Dream Goal
Is to play at a elite level in college and be a all American. Either as a offense running back, full back, power back or a defensive nose tackle being that I am fast off the ball on O or D for my size.
My Individual Season Goal
season goal..To help the team win the championship! in the end its all about team. I have learned alot over 5 years. and I realize we are all in it together. but, as a individual is to want to make sure I drive my legs on every play 110% to visually see and react quickly on every play. to make the "right" decision in the moment on every play. to not miss " opportunities" when they are presented on the field. ............. I feel if I do any of those goals above the rest will fall into place accordingly.
About me
I have been training for last 6 years in football during the fall, winter and spring and summer. football is year round for me regardless of where I am. I will train in snow , rain, doesnt Matter. I think to myself, Someone is always training to be better than me. My dad always says to me " your only as good as your last moment". Meaning the next moment can go terrible. he basically saying, never let your guard down and every moment should be cherished and pushed to the max. So I feed off that philosophy now. But also I have been doing martial arts taekwondo since I was 3years old. and tested my 3rd degree blackbelt. Martial arts helps me with my flexibility and agility especially for football. I feel it has helped me to gain more confidence as well as discipline to stay focused. also martial arts is great for football because of all the hand techniques used in taekwondo. I use some of the hand to hand combat when I am on the field especially for defensive nose tackle. There is alot of hands always flying around.
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