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Softball National Rankings: August-#5-1 -14A




#5 Diamond Dusters Manny - Power Rating: 1275 


Kicking off our top five is a team that ran roughshod over its competition this season, the Diamond Dusters-Manny. The Pembroke Diamond_DustersPines, Florida team racked up an impressive 51-6 overall record (14-3 vs. class A), with a 1275 power rating and 1540 USSSA points.

The club went 7-1, with a 37-10 run differential, to win the Florida State A Championships. It also swept five games to win the 16 and under Briana Marie Cox Memorial tournament. The team also took the USSSA Walk on the Wild Side, Sunrise Santa Slugfest, and USSSA Santa Slam Jam tournaments.

Manager Manny Devesa guides a roster that consists of Kaitlin Conrad, Sophia Devesa, Loren Diemmanuele, Jenna Goodrich, Olivia Gott, Melody Grafals, Sommer Grzybek, Angelica Gutierrez, Chanel Hall, Megan Obier, Victoria Rios, Nava Susi, and Abigail Valdes.




#4 Eastbay Powerhouse - Power Rating: 1277


At No. 4 is is the top 14U A team from California, the Eastbay Powerhouse. The club captured the California State Championship, East_Bay_Power_House_Team_Photorampaging through that tournament with an 8-0 record, including two wins over the No. 10 Valley Stompers. The Powerhouse outscored its opponents 64-14 during that championship run.

The Fremont squad also went 4-1 to capture a third-place finish at the Last Chance Tournament. The team finished with a 12-1 overall record (9-0 vs. class A), with 570 USSSA points and a 1277 power rating.

Managed by Ron Nelson, the team includes Marissa Angeja, Melissa Barraza, Sarina Bolden, Aliciya Campusano, Bailey Gamez, Brianna Gomez, Kristal Hong, Jade Le, Alondra Macias, Maricela Matos, Haylee Nelson, Kimberly Nelson, Haley Pedersen, Sydnee Strong, and Alisya Valdavinos.




#3 Stone City Sharks - Power Rating: 1279 


Our No. 3 team feasted on its competition this season and it never stopped moving, the accurately named Stone City Sharks of Minooka,Stone_City_Sharks_14UIllinois. The team compiled a 9-2 record vs. class A, with 1279 power rating, and 475 USSSA points.

The Sharks won seven games, and lost two, to finish third in the USSSA Fastpitch World Series. It notched a 4-3 win over the No. 9 Miami Express during the tournament. The team went 5-1 to capture the NSA Early Birdie Tournament, and went 7-2, with a 59-20 run differential, to place fourth in the Northern Illinois 14U tournament.

Manager Joe Findlay fields a team that includes Jenny Budds, Skylar Connelly, Mackenzie Eckberg, Gretchen Egly, Madison Feeney, Hannah Franceschini, Gaby Gall, Jordan Harbacek, Caroline Hedgcock, Courtney Kurtz, Jessica Lofthouse, Taylor Marvin, Naidelyn Medina, Samantha Sabor, Michaela Schlattman, Gerri Westerhoff, and Kristen Zarate.



#2 KC Skinners - Power Rating 1287 


The No. 2 KC Skinners played above its age group in most events this season, and it clearly prepared the team to face the best 14 and KC_Skinners_14U_Team_Photounder teams, as it went 10-1 to capture the USSSA Fastpitch World Series. The Missouri team outscored its opponents 87-31 for the tournament, and a pair of wins over Big Dogs Express clinched the title for the Skinners. The club also split a pair of games with the No. 3 Stone City Sharks. Rylee Bayless was named tournament MVP, Amy Spieler was the Offensive MVP, and Alyx Hagenwas crowned most outstanding pitcher.

The club finished the season with a 49-21 overall record (8-2 vs. class A), with a 1287 power rating and 2245 USSSA points. Before the World Series, the team had only won two prior tournaments, the Mother's Day Throw Out the Clock and Swing Into Spring events. Both tournaments were 18 and under competitions.  

Manager Bill Hagen leads a team that includes Jessie Hoover, Veronique Johnson, Shelby Kelly, Katherine Lawrence, Hannah Pirrello, Shelby Prather, Precious Williams, and Sarah Wyland.



#1 Oklahoma Twisters - Power Rating: 1428 


Taking the No. 1 spot is a team that clearly earned it, the Oklahoma Twisters. The Moore club won the USSSA Road To Orlando Oklahoma_Twisters_14uFastpitch World Series, going 9-1, with a huge 76-26 run differential to take the crown. The Twister beat the No. 7 97 Georgia Ice 4-1 in the final and recorded an 8-7 win over the No. 8 Delaware Diamonds Gray. Michaela Smith was named the World Series MVP.

The Twister finished with a 49-10 overall record (15-1 vs. class A), with 1805 USSSA points and a 1428 power rating. The team also went 5-1 to take the 16 and under EOC Easter Fest Tournament, and won both the State Festival and 7gg Spring Tune Up tournaments.

Manager Stanley Hankins Jr. fields a team that includes Caleigh Cilifton, Dru Collins, Sierra Crick, Lacey Davidson, Aubree Downs, Sable Hankins, Morgan Lathan, Brianna McArthur, Savannah Selvidge, Karlie Velasco, Bailey Whitmore, and Octavia Woodson.


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