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Softball National Rankings: July 15th- 12B #5-1




#5 Midwest Sluggers 98- Power Rating: 1400 


Mid_West_Sluggers_98_12U_LogoLaunching the top five are the Midwest Sluggers 98, from Chadwick, Illinois. Also with a 1400 power rating, the Sluggers have a 30-6 overall record (15-1 vs. class B), with 910 USSSA points.

The squad went 5-0 to win the City of Eldridge Open while outscoring its opponents by a wide 65-6 margin. It also won the Rockford USSSA Spring Tournament and NS Lightning Spring Swing NIT. The Sluggers also finished second at the 14 and under Mustang Madness tournament.

Manager Drew Bush leads a team that consists of Kayla Altemeier, Sydney Davis, Andrea Figg, Delaney Klundt, Ruthie Neff, Kailynn Osborne, Rachel Powell, Faith Santee, Rachael Varland, and Mackenzie Williams.



#4 CT Mirage Teal - Power Rating: 1427


CT_Mirage_Teal_12U_98_Team_PhotoThis team may hail from the suburbs of Hartford, the nation's insurance capital, but it's the opponents of the CT Mirage 12U Teal who need protection when facing our number eight team. The Mirage have amassed an 18-13 record, but are 12-0 vs. class B teams. It has 365 USSSA points and a 1427 power rating.

The club went 4-2, with a 49-23 run differential, to take second place at the Mirage Spring Madness tournament and went 4-2 again to finish third at the Mirage Spring Showdown.

Manager Frank Sitaro guides a team that includes Cailey Botteon, Nicole Gomez-Nieto, Alexa Guglielmino, Sarah Kline, Olivia Lisowicz, Brenna Monroe, Jenna Pinckney, Sydney Rogers, Molly Sanderson, Demaris Savonis, Lindsey Sitaro, Jennifer Slane, and Laurel Williams.




#3 AZ Wildfire - Power Rating: 1449 


AZ_Wildfire_12U_Team_PhotoThe AZ Wildfire 12U has come on like its nickname and land at the number three spot. The team has consistently played a high level of competition this season, entering many 14 and under tournaments. The Wildfire have a 30-18 overall record, but are 18-1 vs. class B. It has 505 USSSA points and a 1449 power rating.

The squad won the October Qualifier tournament with a 7-0 record, outscoring its opponents by an amazing 101-17 margin. It also went 5-1 to finish second at the Feliz Navidad Qualifier tournament.

Manager Matt Wiley leads a team that includes Taylor Bartholomew, Jean Cothrun, Alexis Devers, Aubrie Durham, Tamera Froehlich, Ryann Holmes, Kylie Homes, Bailey Klitzke, Devynn Marshall, Krista Molina, Alexis Ratliff, Kylie Ridge, Savannah Shields, Tabitha Shupe, Kimberly Slaughter, and Haley Vallejos.


#2 Cincy Shock - Power Rating 1462 


Cincy_Shock_12U_Team_PhotoComing in at a strong number two are the Cincy Shock. The Williamsburg, Ohio squad has a 19-4 record (16-1 vs. class B), and an impressive 1462 power rating.

The Shock, led by manager Traus Fisher, went 5-0, with a 33-6 run differential, to capture the crown at the Expressway Park Early Bird WSQ tournament. It also went 4-0, and outscored its opposition 30-9, to take the Pre-Season WSQ tournament. The Shock also went 4-1 to finish second at the Smokey Baker Memorial.



#1 Impact Panthers - Power Rating: 1400


Impact_Panthers_12U_Team_PhotoClaiming the number one spot in our rankings with a fierceness befitting of its namesake are the Impact Panthers. The Dunmore, Pennsylvania team has a daunting 34-2 overall record (30-1 vs. class B), with 635 USSSA points and a 1514 power rating.

The Panthers captured the USSSA Eastern PA B State Championship by sweeping all seven of its games, and outscoring its opposition 69-4. The club also won the USSSA 2011 Summer Slammer WSQ Class A tournament with a 6-0 record. The team finished first at the Class B Express WSQ and Fastpitch Fire WSQ tournaments, going a combined 13-0.

Manager John Dematteo fields a team that includes Abigail Anderson, Ally Borgia, Kaylee Dematteo, Mackenzie Duffy, Lauren Goetz, Maria Knutelski, Kacey Orlowski, Marina Pegula, Grace Perechinsky, Kyra Pfeiffer, Lisa Talla, Gina Tallo, and Katie Walsh.


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