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The Secret Behind FCA’s Soccer Success

(Youth1) – This week on the Pulse: how the Futbol Club of America is developing talented youth soccer players in central Florida.

FC America, one of the best youth soccer programs in the country, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and after two fantastic decades, the organization is bigger and more popular than ever with 29 total boys’ and girls’ teams, ranging from U10 to U19.

The secret to their success, according to FCA director of coaching Scott Brody, has to do with commitment, determination and player development. Brody, a former professional soccer player who has been named the FYSA Coach of the Year and National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Adidas Boys Coach of the Year, says that unlike many other clubs in the United States, FCA focuses on the training of individual players rather than the entire team. The club’s philosophy is to improve the skills of every player in the club so that each of them is confident on the field and can play multiple positions.

“What we try to do is build soccer players,” Brody says. “We’re building them as individuals first and the team stuff will come. We want kids who love to play soccer and want to get better and get to that next level, whatever that next level may be.”

Over the years, the FCA training method has definitely proved to work. In the last year alone, nearly every team in the club has won an elite championship title, including Brody’s rising U13 boys’ team, who won the 2010 FYSA Presidents Cup and his rising U11 girls’ team, who won the 2010 US Club Soccer Florida Cup.

Another reason why FCA, who is partnered with Florida Premier Soccer, has such talented players is because the coaches aren’t afraid to put their teams in higher divisions. Brody says he puts his teams in an age group up after awhile, even if it means losing a few games, because competing against tough opponents is what teaches players to get better—they need to challenge themselves.

And with summer tournaments on the horizon, FCA coaches will be getting their teams ready for action with their effective training philosophies and nonstop dedication.




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